• All high school students need a broad background in science. To attain a broad background, all students should complete at least three years of science including one course each in biology, chemistry, and physics. If these three core courses are completed by the end of junior year, students have maximized their opportunities to do well on standardized tests, such as ACT and PSAE, and will be prepared for further study of science during their senior year.

    An important component of all science courses is laboratory work. Laboratory work gives students direct contact with the material studied in the course, develops lab skills, increases a student’s understanding of how science actually works, and helps the student develop analysis, interpretation, and synthesizing skills.

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  • Do you need a little extra help with Science?  Drop in centers are open during your lunch period study hall. You decide if you need help and when to go get help. There's no need to report to study hall first as ID scanners are in the drop in centers.

    South Campus J108

    North Campus room 36

    When you feel like you've received the suppport you needed, go back to study hall the next day.
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