Bus Guidelines and Information

  • Bus transportation is provided by the Board of Educations for students who live more than 1.5 miles from school. First Student provides this service for District 204. Communication regarding bus services should be directed to First Student at 708-352-9050 or to Shanna Lewis, South Campus Associate Principal, at 708-579-6500. Specific bus routes operate in the morning and in the afternoon. Students are assigned bus routes and it is printed on their student ID.

    Students must wear a facemask to board the bus. Any student not wearing a mask will not be permissed to board the bus. While traveling to and from school, a student is considered in school. Appropriate conduct is required. Misconduct will be handled according to the discipline code as outlined in the student handbook and will be reviewed by the assistant principal. Students are expected to be respectful to the bus drivers and to other riders. Vandalism of bus seats and other First Student property will result in financial obligations owed by the student and disciplinary action. Students must show their ID upon boarding a bus in the morning and in the afternoon. Failure to follow these rules can result in suspension of bus privileges, suspension from school, and/or both.