The philosophy of Lyons Township Health Services is centered on the belief that optimum health is essential for learning and enhances school success.
    Each campus is staffed with a full time School Nurse who holds a Professional Educator License endorsed in School Nursing (PEL-SN) and full time ParaEducator. School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success and life-long achievement and health of students. The school nurse collaborates with the student, family, school staff, administration, healthcare providers, and other community resources to provide health counseling, support, and education for students as they move toward independent living. Daily direct nursing service includes illness and injury assessment and intervention, medication administration, referrals, management of acute and chronic health conditions, and health education/counseling. The goals of Health Services are to help students develop strategies to manage health issues and enhance personal wellness.
    Vision and hearing screenings, physical and immunization compliance, and other public health mandates are managed by Health Services.  Vision and hearing screenings will be scheduled throughout the school year for students new to the district and annually for students receiving Special Education services.


      • collect and analyze client data to assist in determining a plan of care/action utilizing current research; and
      • assist in implementing the interventions identified in the plans of care/action and evaluation client outcomes.


      • systematically evaluate the quality and effectiveness of school nursing practice;
      • acquire and maintain current knowledge and competency in school nursing practice;
      • collaborate with the student, family, school staff, administration, and health care providers in improving student care; and
      • assist families, school staff, and administration to achieve optimal levals of wellnewss through appropriately designed and delivered health education.
  • Staff is available on school days during regular school hours.

North Campus (room 12)

South Campus (A104)

Dr. James Harazin