• The Physical Education and Health Department has established standards for student learning that encompass its programs at all grade levels.  There are six general IL Learning Standards and five National Standards (SHAPE America) which guide the department’s programs and which challenge students.  The department has also established more specific standards for each general area, and these are available upon request.  Finally, each course and activity unit within each course have standards for student learning that are distributed to students at the beginning of each semester or annual course.

    Students will be able to…

    1. demonstrate and understand movement skills that are necessary components of individual, team, leisure, work, and creative activities.
    2. access, analyze, and apply health and wellness information obtained through the use of technology.
    3. promote and demonstrate mature and responsible social behavior while respecting diversity among others in a variety of settings.
    4. understand and demonstrate the benefits of physical fitness as it relates to wellness.
    5. understand the human body systems and the factors that influence growth and development.
    6. understand and demonstrate basic health education principles, including the prevention and treatment of illness and injuries, while promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Course Sequence