Life threatening allergy information

  • For students who have a potential for an allergic reaction to food or other allergen. 

    To best meet his/her needs at school we ask you and the treating physician to complete the below forms. All student health information is confidential and will only be shared with faculty/staff who work with your student. 

    Please review and complete the assessment form and allergy action plan. Please note that the allergy action plan must be completed and signed by your student’s treating physician. Students who are prescribed an Epipen are allowed by law to carry this medication on their person; however completed allergy action plans with physician orders are required to be on file in the health office each year. We encourage back up medication in the health office.

    To ensure the highest level of safety of your son/daughter, your child will be expected to self-carry his/her medications during field trips. In this way, a student will never be separated from medications that might be needed during an emergency.  Since the health office is not always notified of field trips at the high school level, students are to bring their own EpiPen and Benadryl or pick up their supplies from the health office. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain his/her medication from the health office prior to a field trip.

    The allergy action plan and assessment form should be returned to the school health office as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.  Please contact the health office at your student’s campus if you have any questions or concerns.