Girls' Water Polo

State Trophies

  • 1st Place (2010, 1991 ISA, 1991, ISA, 1986 ISA)
    3rd Place (2022)
    4th Place (2015)

Sectional Championships

  • 2022

All State Players

  • 2022

    Novalee Roberto 1st Team


    Emilia Mladjan 1st Team


    Maya Mladjan 3rd Team




    Novalee Roberto 1st Team
      Allison Cabrera 2nd Team
      Emilia Mladjan 2nd Team


    Hanna Good 2nd Team
      Abigail Cabrera 4th Team
    2018 Kaysie Stuba 1st Team
      Grace Wantuck 3rd Team
      Hanna Good 4th Team
    2017 Annika Moore 1st Team
      Kaysie Stuba 1st Team
    2016 Kaysie Stuba 2nd Team
      Madie Janik 4th Team
    2015 Caroline Walsh 1st Team
      Julia Cohen 2nd Team
      Emma Hirt 4th Team
    2014 Julia Cohen 3rd Team
      Caroline Walsh 4th Team
    2013 Blair Hopwood 2nd Team
    2012 Kirby Kaptur 1st Team
      Carrie Nacht 2nd Team
      Lizzy Kosin 2nd Team
    2011 Kirby Kaptur 2nd Team
      Lizzy Kosin 3rd Team
      Grace Trilla 4th Team
    2010 Allie Grimes 1st Team
      Katelyn Jacobs 1st Team
      Kirby Kaptur 2nd Team
    2009 Emily Bornhoff 2nd Team
      Kirby Kaptur 2nd Team
      Allie Grimes 3rd Team
      Katie Doyle 4th Team
    2008 Katherine Delacey 2nd Team
      Megan Jacobs 3rd Team
      Emily Bornhoff 4th Team
    2007 Megan Kono 2nd Team
    2006 Megan Kono 3rd Team
    2005 Sarah Trilla 3rd Team
      Laura Ansilio 4th Team
    2004 Lauren Burel 2nd Team
    2003 Lauren Burel 3rd Team
      Stacey Galvez
    Senior Scholastic (Academic) POTY
    2002 Kasey Cavoto 4th Team
    2001 Ashely Russow 2nd Team
      Lydia Maloney 4th Team
    2000 Ashley Russow 4th Team
    1997 Tiffany Russow 2nd Team
    1996 Colleen Begg  
      Tiffany Russow  
      Nicole Martinez  
    1995 Katie Polasek 1st Team
    1994 Katie Polasek 1st Team
      Anne Polasek 2nd Team
    1993 Katie Polasek 1st Team
      Erin McMahon 2nd Team
    1992 Jane Zika 1st Team
      Jennifer Wendt 1st Team
      Ann Marie Zielonka 2nd Team
      Laura Kaleta 2nd Team
      Katie Polasek 4th Team
    1991 Susie Straube 1st Team & POTY
      Kirsten Heyer 1st Team
      Jane Zika 1st Team
      Alison Begg 1st Team
      Jennifer Wendt 2nd Team
      Ann Marie Zielonka 2nd Team
      Chris O'Connor
    Senior Scholastic (Academic) POTY
    1990 Hillary Weber 1st Team
      Katy Sward 1st Team
      Susie Straube 1st Team
      Kirsten Heyer 2nd Team
      Jane Zika 2nd Team
      Lisa Burda 4th Team
      Alison Begg 4th Team
      Maria Natsis
    Senior Scholastic (Academic) POTY
    1989 Hillary Weber 1st Team
      Melinda Heerwagon 1st Team
      Chrissy Eck 2nd Team
      Susie Straube 2nd Team
      Katy Sward 4th Team
    1988 Christy Linden 1st Team
      Hillary Weber 2nd Team
      Vanessa Perry
    Senior Scholastic (Academic) POTY
    1987 Christy Linden  
      Karen Krug  
      Heidi Searcy  
      Hillary Weber  
      Katy Sward  
      Vanessa Perry  
    1986 Jenny Eck  
      Christy Linden  
      Karen Krug  
      Heidi Searcy  
      John Weber & Tom Allen - Coaches of the Year