The New Illinois Science Assessment (ISA)


  • Purpose: The New Illinois Science Assessment (ISA):
    • is a federally required online assessment based on the Illinois Learning Standards for Science incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) which were adopted in 2014.
    • is better aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards for science in both content and science and engineering practices (SEP). 
    • For additional information regarding the ISA, please visit the ISBE website at:
    Who takes the New ISA?
    All Grade 11 students 
    Is the New ISA test optional or required?
    The ISA is required for all LTHS students in Grade 11.
    What areas does the New ISA cover?
    The new ISA a comprehensive exam that includes life, physical, Earth and space sciences with engineering and technological design features imbedded in the other science domains. Science and Engineering Practices (SEP) is a second focus of the ISA. The 8 SEP’s will be equally represented throughout the ISA as allowed by the strength of the item bank.
    How is the test administered?
    • The test has three separate sessions. 
    • The estimated student time on task per session is 40 minutes. 
    • Test sessions are not timed. Students may continue to work past the estimated 40 minutes, so long as they do not leave the test session.
    • Testing within a session must be completed in one day, even for students testing with accommodations.
    • All three test sessions will be administered on one test date. 


  • Test Date:  
    April 14, 2021 and April 15, 2021
    Students will be assigned to a test group by the Testing Office. Notification of your test group, test date, and test location will be sent via email in April 2021.
    Registration Deadline:  
    Not Applicable


  • Test Location:  
    The ISA will be administered at LTHS North Campus.  
    What should I bring on test day?
    Students need to bring a calculator.  As this is an online test, #2 pencils are not required.
    Can I bring my cell phone?
    Students should not bring a cell phone, however, if they do, the phone MUST BE POWERED COMPLETELY OFF DURING TESTING.  If a cell phone is activated during testing, the student’s test may be voided.