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  • The LT Social Media Directory is a database of registered and approved club/activity social media sites.

    With more than 75 clubs and activities available at LT, students are sure to find one that matches their interests and hobbies.

    Only the accounts listed via the link below are official district sources, managed by sponsors, coaches or designees.

    Comments, links, photos and videos are welcome on LT social media platforms. All postings should be relevant to the LT community, are reviewed and are public.

    Posts can be removed for any of the following reasons, at any time, if they: use obscene, threatening or harassing language; disclose information that is confidential by law or regulation; promote or advocate illegal activity; violate copyrights or trademarks; are commercial advertising, unsolicited self-promotion, SPAM, or solicitations; or endorse or oppose anyone campaigning for election to a political office. All users, including page administrators, are subject to the terms of service of each social media site. Comments posted here do not represent the opinions of LTHS.

Social Media Directory

District 204: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Jennifer Bialobok
LT Waterman: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Dr. Brian Waterman
Activities: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Peter Geddeis
Athletics: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: John Grundke
Applied Technology Department: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Blake Sauders
Arabic Culture Club: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Sylvia Tanious
Art Department: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Lorena Lagis
Badminton: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Susan McClenahan
Baseball: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Kevin Diete
Basketball - Boys: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Jon Beutjer
Basketball - Girls: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Meghan Hutchens
Best Buddies: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Cassie Niego
Book Club: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Darragh McDermott
Business Education Department: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Greg Gerritsen
Business Management: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Jeremy Vrtis
Choir: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: John Musick
Class of 2022: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Sylvia Tanious
Class of 2024: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Callie Salaymeh
Competitive Cheer: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Demi Korpan
Cross Country - Girls: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Callie Pogge
D & D Club: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Bill Allan
Family and Consumer Sciences: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Lauren Gjini
Family and Consumer Sciences: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Brianna Basic
Fashion Club: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Lauren Gjini
Football: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Jon Beutjer
French Club: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Emily Fellmann
Future Healthcare Professionals: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Silvia Tanious
Gymnastics - Girls: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Darragh McDermott
Interact Club: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Cheri Price
Italian Club: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Lynn Meister
Lacrosse - Boys: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Jack Metzger
Lacrosse - Girls: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Missy Mitidiero
Language Arts: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Toby Casella
Latinos Juntos: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Ibet Herrera
Library: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Kristen Rigano
LTTV: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Bill Allan
Math & Science Division: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Collin Voigt
National Honor Society (NHS): logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Suzanne Andersen
Orchestra: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Jan Matthews
Peaceable Schools Initiative (PSI): logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Michelle Harbin
Photo Club: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Elizabeth Martinez
Physical Welfare Division: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Kurt Johns
Poms: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Brittany Smith
SAVE Promise Club: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Pat Callahan
Soccer - Boys: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Paul Labbato
Softball: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Nicole Marinec
Swim & Dive - Girls: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Alison Credit
Theatre Board: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Mike Kuehl
Track - Girls: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Stephanie Mogorovic
Transition Perks: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: David Paske
Ultimate Frisbee: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Toby Casella
Volleyball - Boys: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Brad Skendzel
Volleyball - Girls: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Jill Bober
Wrestling: logo   logo   logo   Administrator: Toby Casella