Test Make-Up Center

  • Please sign up for a make-up testing time. Registration is limited. Students must register the day before their make-up and must communicate with their teacher to have all materials and instructions to be sent to the Test Make-Up Center. To register:

    • Click on desired date
    • Click Register
    • Fill out all necessary fields
    • Click Register Now
    • A confirmation email will be sent to your LT email account.  
    • If you have issues logging in to the LT website, click here

North Campus

South Campus

Guidelines Governing the Use of the LTHS Testing Center

  • Testing Center conditions for use:
    • LTHS current student photo identification is required
    • Books, notes etc. are not allowed, unless stated on the test. 
    • Must use an LTHS Testing Center calculator for tests which allow use of a calculator. Personal calculators are not allowed in the Testing Center. 
    • Cell phones, backpacks, and other personal belongings are not allowed in the testing area.
    • Food and beverages are not allowed in the testing area. 
    • Once a test is distributed, a student may not leave the testing center. 

    Understand the consequences of any incidents of cheating or plagiarism in the Testing Center as described in the instructor’s policy on academic dishonesty in the course syllabus. Any appearance of cheating or plagiarism may result in the loss of Testing Center privileges for the remainder of the semester for all courses.