Gymnast of the Week

  • Gymnasts for weeks 5-8

    Week 5: Natalie Aubert

    Natalie is an all-star freshman on the varsity team. She has demonstrated great determination and motivation during the season, especially during winter break. Her work ethic has really pushed her along to get bigger and better skills. This is why she has been nominated for week 5 Gymnast of the Week.


    Week 6: Ella Riordan

    Ella is a freshman on the team, but has stepped up to be quite a leader with the JV team. Ella has pushed herself to improve her skills in her routines, and she is one of the hardest workers in the gym. Each day in practice she comes ready to better herself and improve her gymnastics. Ella also is a great teammate. If she notices that someone is having a bad day, she is one of the first ones to try to cheer that girl up. This is why she has been given week 6 Gymnast of the Week.


    Week 7: Emily Burcal

    Emily is one of the juniors on the team. She has shown tremendous determination this season. Emily has a drive in her that is contagious to the rest of the team members. Emily has persevered through some tough mental blocks and has successfully completed her new vault multiple times in competition, which is how she has been awarded week 7 Gymnast of the Week.


    Week 8: Tatiana Thomas

    Tatiana is a junior and only upperclassman on the JV team. She has really improved this year. Each day she comes to practice with her own "to do" list that she wants to accomplish and she works tirelessly to get it done. This is evident in her gymnastics skills and confidence in competition. Tatiana’s beam routine now has skills in it that she only dreamed of doing her freshman year. This is why she was chosen to be week 8 Gymnast of the Week.


    Gymnasts of the week

    Week 1: Ellie Dillion

    Ellie is a sophomore on the team this year, and she has proven to be a great leader.  She takes charge during warm-ups and keeps everyone accountable. Ellie has also demonstrated great determination at the start of the season.  She is working very hard to gain new skills to put into her routines. This is why Ellie has earned the spot of our first gymnast of the week.


    Week 2: Annmarie Holmes

    Annmarie is one of the many freshmen on the team.  After the first week of competitions, she has proven herself to be a valuable aspect of the varsity team.  She always puts forth her best effort during practices and looks to improve her gymnastics by asking for feedback.  This is why Annmarie has earned the spot of gymnast of the week.


    Week 3: Maddie Gruca

    Maddie is junior on the team.  After taking last season off recovering from an injury, she has come back with hunger to get better and stronger.  Maddie is always going above and beyond what is asked of her and it is starting to shine through in her gymnastics.  She recently competed a few new skills and continues to search for more upgrades to add. This is why Maddie has earned the spot of gymnast of the week.


    Week 4: Delaney Adams

    Delaney is another one of the freshmen on the team.  She has a very positive and uplifting attitude, which adds to the climate of the gym.  Delaney is also very hardworking and sets an example for her teammates.  Whenever we are at meets and she is not competing, Delaney steps up to hold mats for teammates, records video, or encourages her teammates to try their best.  This is why Delaney has earned her spot as gymnast of the week.