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  • LTHS Esports is a competitive set of teams that compete against other high schools, teams, and in leagues. Players collaborate with their teammates to set up scrimmages, practices, and play together to improve their skills. High school esports Esports is a growing field where scholarship and collegiate team opportunities are on the rise.


    LT currently registers for two leagues: IHSEA (Illinois High School Esports Association) and Valhallan Esports. IHSEA is a partner of NASEF (North American Scholastic Esports Federation).  Both leagues are partners with Stay Plugged In, a premier esports recruiting platform for college scholarships exclusively.

    The leagues run different games at different times and are subject to student availability. If enough students try out for a team, the team will run. If there are not enough players to run a team, the team will not run.


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    In order to join a team, you have to try out. Tryouts typically take place 2-3 weeks before the game’s season begins. You will find tryout dates here, at school on posters, and in the school announcements. If you have a question about tryouts after they are announced, please e-mail BOTH and and the coach responsible for the game in question will respond.

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    Like any sport, Esports is a commitment. A player needs to be conscious of how much time they can dedicate to practices, scrimmages, and match dates. Your teammates rely on you!

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    Students who register for tryouts (when they are running) will be invited to the LT Discord for tryouts. Only students who make the teams will remain in the discord. Any student who is not part of a team will be removed from Discord. 

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    IHSEA currently hosts 12 different esports throughout the year. Below is the IHSEA general schedule for the 23-24 school year:


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