• Aeronautics

    Credit: 1/2 (cr/nc) Level: IV

    Grade Offered: 9, 10
    Fall AT5156 / Spring AT5157

    Prerequisite: None

    Aviation is an introductory course to the Aeronautical and Aerospace professions. €The course contains a broad-based aviation orientation in flight, air traffic control (ATC) and weather. Subjects include aviation history, space and space history, developments in general aviation, airport operations, and aircraft systems. Basic meteorology theory and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) are explored. Design and build of aircraft, air traffic principles, and aviation regulations and safety are also explored. €This is a general survey course into the world of aviation. It is hands on and you will learn how to fly on the simulators and a real airplane!

  • Principles of Aeronautical Science

    ERAU AS120 (3cr)

    Credit: 1/2 Level: IV
    Grade Offered:
    10: Fall AT5216 / Spring AT5217
    11, 12: Fall AT5211 / Spring AT5212

    Prerequisite: None

    Principles of Aeronautical Science is a survey course. Modes of aerodynamic travel are studied in this course. This course discusses advanced aircraft and the technology around them. Aerodynamic forces are explored through hands-on projects. Subjects include aircraft history, categories, as well as developments in aviation. You will also get hands on with flight simulation and in a real airplane! Students enrolled in this course have the option to receive college credit.

  • Careers In Aviation

    Credit: 1/2 Level: III

    Grade Offered:
    9, 10: Spring AT3127

    Prerequisite: None

    The careers in aviation course will explore the people behind the machines in an in-depth analysis of the requirements educationally for those careers. Responsibilities of the career options will be studied. This course will define choices for the student enabling him to make better decisions about future career paths. Subjects include historical developments in the airline industry, aircraft systems, meteorology, and air traffic principles.