• How do I sign-out for appointments?

    I have my parent/guardian call the Attendance Office the night before and I can stop by Room 101 at North Campus (NC) or A106 at South Campus (SC) to pick up my pass before school or during a passing period. I know it’s my job to pick up the yellow pass in the office and sign out at that time. The period I need to leave, I show the pass to my classroom teacher. To leave, I go out through the main entrance and show the Student Assistant my pass. My parent/guardian doesn’t need to come inside to get me.

  • Where do I go if I am feeling sick?

    If I’m feeling sick during the school day, I must visit the nurse’s office in Room 12 at NC, or Room A104 at SC to be marked nurses excused. If it is during a class period, I must ask the teacher for a pass to visit the health office (emergency visits don’t require a pass).

  • How do I request parking?

    If I’m a senior, I can enter the parking lottery until Friday, August 21 at 8:00 am. Winners will be posted that afternoon. Any winner who has not submitted their application and paid by Wednesday, August 26 will forfeit their spot and a new name will be drawn. I can also contact the Village of LaGrange to see if they have any available spots.
    If I’m a SC student who has my license, I may apply for a SC parking sticker. These are distributed on a first come availability. NC students may not apply for stickers at SC.

  • How I request an appointment with my guidance counselor (or social worker)?

    I can go to the Student Services Office and fill out a slip to have my counselor call me down to talk about most things. If I need immediate help, I know I can let the secretary know if I have to see someone immediately.

  • Where do I go if I am tardy?

    If I’m less than 10 minutes late, I go directly to class. I know I will get a detention on my 5th tardy and that, if I am tardy more than 5 times in any class, I will lose my final exam exemption.
    If I’m more than 10 minutes late, I have to go to the Assistant Principal’s Office for an admit slip and detention.

  • How many times can my parent/guardian excuse my attendance?

    My parent/guardian can excuse my attendance up to seven times each semester by contacting the attendance office (calculated by class period). After seven parent/guardian-excused absences, I will need to get a medical note to excuse my absence.

  • When can I use my cellphone?

    I am allowed to use my cellphone during passing periods, lunch time in the cafeteria, and in classrooms at the teacher’s discretion. I understand that my teachers may have varying expectations regarding cell phone use and it is my responsibility to know each teacher expects. I also understand that using my phone is a privilege and that if I can’t use it responsibly, I may lose that privilege.

  • Where are the cell phone privacy zones?

    • Washrooms 
    • Nurses Office 
    • Locker Rooms
    • Counseling Office
    • Assistant Principal’s office

  • How do I use the Speak-Up Line?

    I can use the Speak-Up Line (SUL) to report unsafe behavior that I prefer to share anonymously. However, when intentionally malicious or fictitious claims are submitted, or there exists a threat of imminent harm, LTHS reserves the right to take measures to determine the identity of those involved. There are four ways that I can make a report:

  • How do I submit a college visit to the attendance office?

    Before going on an official college visit, my parent/guardian needs to call the attendance office to excuse my absence. When I return from the visit, I need to bring something from the admissions office that indicates the name of college, my name and the date of the visit. My attendance will be be adjusted to indicate college visit and this will not count toward parent/guardian excused absences.

  • How do I get academic help during Lunch-Study Hall?

    I can visit the Drop In Centers during my lunch without signing up. I must scan in to the Drop In Center for my attendance to be cleared.

  • What if I do not have money for lunch?

    I can contact my parent/guardian to put money on my lunch account. If I can’t reach my parent/guardian, I can stop by and see my Assistant Principal in room 101 at NC or in room A106 at SC.

  • What if I need a temporary ID?

    I go to the Assistant Principals’ Office and request a temporary ID from the secretary in the office. I understand I get a limited number of temp IDs.

  • What happens if I lose my ID?

    If I lose my ID I need to go to the bookstore and pay $1 to get a new ID. The bookstore will give me a receipt which to the Assistant Principals’ Office to have a new one printed. I need to have my receipt in order for my new ID to be printed. 

  • What happens if I forgot my PE clothes?

    I can rent a uniform from the locker room supervisor.  Uniforms rentals can include a gym shirt ($0.25), gym shorts ($0.25), heart rate monitor strap ($0.50) and/or gym shoes ($0.50). 

  • Can I ride a bus route that is not my own?

    I am not allowed to ride a bus route that is not assigned to me on my ID.

  • How do I request a bus route change?

    If I need to request bus route change I will send Associate Principal Greg Gardner, an email with my route change request. In my email I will need to state my currently assigned bus route, the route I would like to be changed to, and the reason why I am requesting the change. Mr. Gardner’s email address is: ggardner@lths.net

  • How do I sign up for an unscheduled study hall at North Campus?

    I am eligible to sign up for an unscheduled study hall, at NC only, if I have study hall during first or eighth periods. I can apply for this by filling out the online form by a parent or guardian and submitting it via the Assistant Principal website. Once my schedule has been changed, I understand that I can not be in the building during my unscheduled period.