• With the newly released guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education and Governor Pritzker, all summer programs must be held remotely. As a result, LT's summer driver education program will be cancelled.  This decision effects our current 2nd semester students as our initial plan was to have them complete their remaining Behind the Wheel hours during the summer.  While the work that current 2nd semester students are doing remotely can count for the IL Secretary of State's 30 hour classroom requirement, the Behind the Wheel portion of class cannot be done remotely for safety purposes.  As of now, we are looking to have students complete their remaining Behind the Wheel hours during the fall semester and will work with students to develop a schedule that works for them in offering before and after school driving as well as driving time on the weekends until students have met the requirements to obtain their license.  Once we can begin in-person instruction we will be in contact with students to schedule and complete their Behind the Wheel driving time.  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your student's guidance counselor, or the Division Chair of Physical Welfare, Kurt Johns (kjohns@lths.net).

    We are bound by the guidance given to us by the Illinois State Board of Education in regards when we can resume in-person instruction.  We also must meet the licensing requirements set by the Illinois Secretary of State Office which has not made any adjustments due to COVID-19 in regards to the required number of hours needed for students.  This is to ensure the safety of student drivers as well as the others who potentially share the road with those drivers. 

    The regular licensing requirements for students are:

    • Successful completion of 30 instructional classroom hours,
    • Successful completion of 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction with a certified driver education teacher,
    • Completion of 50 hours of logged driving time with a parent or guardian (10 hours of which must be at night).

    The only adjustment that was made by the IL Secretary of State Office in regards to the requirements is to allow for the 30 classroom hours to be completed in a remote setting (online).