Angel of Greenwood

  • by Randi Pink


  • Isaiah Wilson is a town troublemaker hiding that he's also an avid reader and secret poet. Angel Hill is a loner, mostly disregarded by her peers as a goody-goody. Her father is dying, and her family’s financial situation is in turmoil.

    Though they’ve attended the same schools, Isaiah never noticed Angel as anything but a dorky, Bible toting church girl. Then their English teacher offers them a job on her mobile library, a three-wheel, two-seater bike, and suddenly they have the opportunity to see each other in new and important ways.

    But life changes on May 31, 1921 when a vicious white mob storms the Black community of Greenwood, leaving the town destroyed and thousands of residents displaced. This piercing, unforgettable love story is set against the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921.


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