2020-21 Return to Learn Guidance and Procedures

  • As we enter the 2020-2021 school year amidst a global pandemic and a renewed commitment to ensure equity for all, our Mission Statement has never felt more urgent. We pledge to make “meaningful learning and dedicated teaching in a student-centered environment” our highest priority.

    The LTHS Return to Learn Guidance and Procedures manual was developed to ensure consistency among all stakeholders and with three primary objectives at the forefront of the decision-making process:

    • Prioritize the health and safety of students and staff.
    • Support the social-emotional needs of students and basic wellness needs of families.
    • Maximize in-person learning as much as possible.

    The information in this guide was developed with input from faculty, staff, and administration, in consultation with and adherence to Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois Department of Public Health, and Centers for Disease Control guidance.

Daily Schedule

  • updated 8/11/2020

    Week schedule for Remote Learning

    The new synchronous schedule for a typical 5-day week has been refined and now includes the following:

    • Five days of synchronous learning
      • Monday Lion Day: All eight periods meet for 35 minutes each. This will give teachers the opportunity to lay out the structure for the week.
      • Tuesday/Thursday Gold Day: 75-minute blocks for periods 4-1
      • Wednesday/Friday Blue Day: 75-minute blocks for periods 5-8.
    • Students should expect additional work outside of synchronous class periods. We anticipate a student workload to be similar to what they experienced in a “normal” week with 8 periods a day.
    • The morning VP Time, or Vita Plena Time, on Blue and Gold days will allow students to connect one-on-one with support staff and teachers.
    • “Lunch” periods on Blue and Gold days provide time to get work done during the day when students can reach out to get help.
    • Additional opportunities are under development to get students on campus safely in small groups to access labs and elective spaces during a student's unscheduled 4th or 5th period, in conjunction with before school VP time, on Gold and Blue days.
    • The morning of Lion days (Monday 7:45-8:45) gives teachers time to develop engaging synchronous lessons and coordinate the supports for the week. 

Student Expectations

    • Students are expected to engage in a minimum of 5 hours of learning daily.
    • All students will complete a daily attendance document.
    • Students are expected to attend their synchronous learning sessions. 
      • These sessions are NOT universally recorded, so students are expected to attend synchronous sessions as scheduled. 
      • Students will need to obtain information if they are absent from class sessions (as they would in a traditional model). 
      • Students are expected to complete assignments given between scheduled class periods. 
    • Students will receive grades and be expected to take all assessments.

Session Management

    • Canvas will be used by all teachers to coordinate all assignments and course materials.
    • Weekly learning expectations will be communicated by teachers by either a calendar or modules in Canvas.
    • Parents can log-in to Canvas using their student’s credentials.
    • Zoom will be utilized for synchronous sessions.


    • All teachers of the same course are required to:
      • Utilize the same grading scale with a 0-100% grading scale as the default.
      • Implement the following 6 effective grading practices:
        • Provide no extra credit,
        • Use M’s to indicate late or missing work,
        • Exclude attendance from the academic grade,
        • Eliminate group grades,
        • Abandon curving, and
        • Exclude practice from the grade.
    • The official district gradebook is housed in Infinite Campus.
    • Assessments can be retaken or revised at least once without penalty or restrictions on the grade, except for the final exam or any assessment taken within the last two weeks of the semester.
    • While final exams/assessments are permitted, there will not be three days set aside for finals to be administered as in previous years.
    • Given the circumstances of remote learning and ISBE guidance to ensure no learning loss, with the exception of second semester senior year, final exam exemptions will not be offered this year.
    • Course teams must be consistent in their approach to finals with no final exam being more than 20% of the semester grade.
    • The new report card and use of process marks will be delayed until the 2021-2022 school year.
    • Course Teams will establish timeframes in their course; however, the minimum time frame for retakes/revision and missing work is two weeks from the due date/event. 
    • What students must do prior to sitting for a retake of a summative assessment will be determined and communicated on course map/syllabus and will be common across the entire course team. Additional practice prior to a retake is expected and encouraged.

Student Support Rooms

    • Students will be referred to support rooms that will take place during the 4th or 5th period (2 times per week) that would have traditionally been a lunch.
    • Drop in centers will not be available; however, teachers have time built into their days before and after scheduled periods, planning periods, and Wednesday office hours to meet the needs of their students.

Devices & Web Access

    • Students who need a device will be provided one by the district. Details on signing out a device will be communicated in the coming weeks.
    • Student personal devices will not be supported by district personnel in the event they are not functioning.
    • Students who were provided an LT device last year will continue to use that device for the 2020-2021 school year.
    • Parents may access Canvas using their student’s login credentials or may create their own Observer account to view their student's Canvas materials.
    • For technology or access issues, please call or email our Technology Department Help Desk: 708-579-6559, HelpDesk@d204.lths.net.

School Counseling

  • School counselors will continue to work with their students on course selection, class scheduling, social/emotional support, problem solving, and 4-year and post-secondary planning.

    • Group Guidance curriculum will be delivered at each grade level via Zoom. Resources will be provided, with accessibility for families, for reference.
    • Individual appointments with counselors will be honored remotely; however, they will be scheduled ahead of time via an electronic format to reduce time away from class.
    • School counselors will continue to be available for all inquiries during regular school hours.

School Social Work

  • School social workers will continue to provide mental health services to students on both a scheduled and as-needed basis. These services typically include social work groups, individual sessions, consultation with outside therapists/mental health professionals, and management of mental health crises.

    • Social work groups will be facilitated by each social worker via Zoom.
    • Signed, informed consent for the delivery of services in an alternate (i.e., internet-based) format will be obtained prior to initiation of services for new and returning students.
    • Consultation with outside therapists and mental health professionals/services will continue without interruption.
    • Any student mental health emergency or crisis will continue to be given priority with space allocated that adheres to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.
    • School counselors will continue to be available for all inquiries during regular school hours.

Section 504 Plans

  • Students with active 504 Plans will continue to receive the accommodations/modifications/ services listed in their plans in the Remote model.

    • New requests or referrals for Section 504 Plans will be considered by a multidisciplinary student support team.
    • Section 504 meetings (annual and triennial) will be conducted via Zoom.
    • Section 504 Plans will be shared, confidentially, with student’s teachers and consultation with Student Services Staff is available for questions, explanation, or support with implementation.

College and Career Center

  • Our College and Career Coordinator, as well as our Senior Class School Counselors, will continue to support students in the planning and preparation for all post-secondary college and career options.

    • Evolving college admissions information will be provided to students and families as it is received.
    • College presentations and information sessions will be offered via Zoom.
    • The College and Career Center will be open to students; however, appointments will be scheduled ahead of time via an electronic format to reduce time away from class, avoid any waiting within the Center, and to ensure that meetings adhere to physical distancing guidelines.
    • Tbe College and Career Coordinator will provide resources, with accessibility for families, for reference in regards to career training opportunities, financial aid deadlines, admissions deadlines, etc.
    • The College and Career Coordinator will be available for all inquiries during regular school hours.

Food Service

  • Grab ‘N Go Food Service will be available for students who qualify as Free/Reduced Lunch status.

Health Office

  • School nurses will be available for tele-health support during regular school hours.


  • If for any reason you or your student needs to enter any LT building:

    • Face coverings must be worn at all times in all school buildings by all individuals.
    • Symptom screener must be completed prior to entrance.
    • Physical distancing guidelines must be followed by all individuals.
    • Proper hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer is required.

Athletics / Co-Curriculars

  • Updated 8/10/2020

    The Illinois High School Association has provided approval and sport-specific guidance that paves the way for high schools to offer the following fall sports: Girls and Boys Cross Country, Girls and Boys Golf, Girls Swimming and Diving, and Girls Tennis. The LTHS Athletic Department has developed a participation plan that follows guidance set forth by the IHSA and West Suburban Conference. The tentative start date for Girls and Boys Golf is Tuesday, August 11, the tentative start date for Girls and Boys Cross Country, Girls Tennis and Girls Swimming and Diving, is Monday, August 17.

    All students wishing to participate in athletics must have a current physical and complete an athletic eligibility form online. Registration opens at 8:00am on Monday, August 10 and will close at 3:00pm on Friday, August 14. Students who are not registered by 3:00pm on Friday, August 14 will not be allowed to participate. Due to IDPH, CDC, and IHSA guidelines, all sports will have tryout/time trial process put in place in order to maintain spacing and distancing restrictions within our facilities. In order for the fall athletic season to be successful and sustainable, it is everyone’s responsibility to commit to and comply with all CDC and IDPH health and travel guidelines related to COVID-19.

    Please click here for additional details and registration information.  

    Stay tuned for specifics on LT's remote co-curricular offerings this fall.