Update from Principal Waterman (9-4-2020)

  • Dear LTHS Parents and Families-
    If it seems we are regularly sharing changes and updates with you, it is because we are working diligently to identify issues, and to develop and communicate solutions that will improve the remote learning experience for our students. And, we appreciate your continued flexibility as we make necessary improvements and create the best possible remote learning experience we can. One significant change that our students will see involves the enabling/requiring of Zoom authentication, which will require students to use their LT-provided e-mail account to access and identify themselves within our Zoom virtual classrooms. As a result of the disturbing “Zoom-bombing” incidents we shared with our community last week, we are requiring our students to complete a simple three-step process in order to authenticate their Zoom account. Students will need to complete this process in order to be able to access virtual classrooms. If students have challenges completing these steps, they are asked to e-mail HelpDesk@d204.lths.net so that we can help them with this transition. 
    In addition, since making the decision to begin the year in remote learning, the LT Leadership Team is working toward a goal of transitioning small groups of students to in-person instruction as soon as that can be accomplished in a safe manner. While we are all anxious for this to occur, it is important to note we are working through a variety of processes to make that happen. In the development of our plans, we have consistently consulted the guidance issued to school districts by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to ensure that our plans meet all applicable requirements and recommendations. Based on joint guidance developed by ISBE/IDPH, in-person instruction should be prioritized for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP), English Language Learners, and students with 504 Plans. Using this guidance, we have identified specific students with IEP’s as an initial priority group to whom we plan to offer in-person instruction. While there are several steps that must be taken prior to implementation, our Special Education Division is beginning to contact families of specific students with IEP’s to begin the process of communicating and collecting information that will be necessary for this transition to occur. While we are focusing our efforts on the transition to in-person instruction for our highest priority learners, it is our goal to work toward offering additional student and student groups to access in-person instruction and classroom-based activities, in-person Student Services supports, in-person co-curricular activities and clubs, and in-person out of season athletic opportunities.  We are thankful for your continued collaboration, support, and patience as we work through the necessary steps to ultimately offer in-person instruction and in-person co-curricular opportunities for all students. 
    Wishing everyone a relaxing and well-deserved Labor Day Weekend!
    Brian Waterman, Principal
    Lyons Township High School

    Second Semester (2019-20) Grade Follow-up

    Students who did not engage with remote learning during the second semester of the 2019-20 school year and who normally would have earned an “F” earned a “P” for passing. This was based upon ISBE guidance provided in March, 2020. Currently, counselors at LTHS are in the process of reaching out to those students and asking them if they wish to remain with the “P”, or if they would like to complete additional work in order to earn a different grade. A grade of “P” will transfer to a “D” if the student completes no additional work. Here are the guidelines: 
    • Students have 6 weeks into this semester (through 10/2/20) to improve their grades from last semester (exceptions to the deadline may be extended for students with IEP’s and 504’s who have extended deadlines in their plans).
    • Counselors will contact their students to remind them that they have one or more grades of “P” and that they need to contact their teachers from last year if they wish to improve their grades from last semester.
    • If a student does not complete work to improve their grade(s), the “P” grades will automatically change to a “D” on the student’s transcript as of midnight on 10/3/20. 

    Virtual Parent Open House (Thursday, September 17, 2020)

    Each year, we look forward to opening our campuses and classroom doors to our families during Parent Open House. This year, we are developing a virtual platform for Parent Open House which will allow our families to learn more about the teachers their children are working with and the courses they are taking. On Thursday, September 17, at 7:00pm, LTHS will host a live WebEx event that will include welcome messages from me and Superintendent Dr. Tim Kilrea, highlight some celebrations from the early part of the school year, share updates regarding remote learning, and provide information regarding student support and engagement. In addition, parents will also be able to access videos and course information on-line regarding the courses their children are enrolled in. Teacher videos will include an overview of course objectives, class expectations, general grading practices and changes made to the course to accommodate our remote learning environment.
    To access the Open House teacher videos, click Open House

    Virtual Activity Fair (2020-21)

    Student engagement in our co-curricular program is more important than ever and our activity, athletic, and club sponsors are developing creative ways to connect with our students. We encourage students and families to check out LT’s Virtual Activity Fair at www.lths.net/ActivityFair to learn more about the extra-curricular opportunities available to students during the 2020-21 school year. 
  • Lions wear masks Please remember anyone entering LTHS campus must wear a face mask and properly social distance themselves from others.

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