Virtual Homecoming 2020

  • Dear Fellow LT Grads,

    Homecoming! For decades, the LT Homecoming has been a time of celebration of current and past friendships for the students and tens of thousands of LT grads. Due to COVID-19, our traditional Homecoming "rituals" will go into hibernation for the year. That really hurts, and it really hurts the class reunion committees who had worked right up to June before cancelling their reunions. We were expecting more than 3,000 grads from eight different LT classes to return to the high school for the North and South Campus tours, the parade, the Corral reception, the big football game and the Friday and Saturday reunion parties. I personally enjoyed leading the tours and talking to so many of you at the Corral and will miss doing so this year.

    Now for the GOOD news. This year’s Homecoming has been re-imagined. It is being replaced by a collection of virtual experiences that will be enjoyable and full of memories by all who participate. Through the efforts of the Community Relations (Alumni Association) and LTTV, we can all experience Homecoming and our high school as never before. You can virtually visit the top of the belltower for the first time (I know a few of you have snuck up there in bygone days), walk the North Campus tunnel again, see the LTTV and WLTL stations, and see both the historical and new facilities at LT.

    Your virtual Homecoming includes campus tours, Parades Past and Present, School Song and Audio Archives. This is an incredible opportunity for all of you to experience LT as never before. So please: 1) Stay away…keep your distance 2) Grab a date and Homecoming party supplies 3) Fire up the digital device of your choice and 4) go to your LT Virtual Homecoming!

    Have fun with this everybody. Stay healthy and pray for the school year to return to normal and for Homecoming 2021.

    Jay Cozza (’75), President
    Lyons Township Alumni Association