• As we finalize our plans to implement LT’s 50% Hybrid/Remote Learning Model on Monday, October 19, we will be sharing important information and details with our students and parents/guardians throughout the next 7-10- days. The purpose of this message is to provide the information that was presented during Tuesday evening’s WebEx presentation. A recording of the WebEx presentation can be accessed by clicking here.
    Within this message, you will find some important next steps for parents and students, including:
    Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding this information.
    Brian Waterman, Principal

    Health and Safety Expectations

    In collaboration with our school nurses and local healthcare professionals, LT has developed comprehensive protocols to assist in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 within our school and community. To review details about LT’s COVID-19 Health Precautions, please click here (Spanish-language version). In addition, on Wednesday, October 15, all students will be asked to complete a health and safety tutorial that will be accessible when they log into Canvas. 

    Wash Hands Frequently

    All students, staff, and visitors to our campuses are asked to frequently wash their hands with soap and water, or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Non-touch hand sanitizer dispensers are available at all entrances and hand sanitizer will be available in all instructional spaces.

    Wear a Face Covering

    All students, staff, and visitors to our campuses must wear a face covering at all times. The face covering must fit snugly around the nose and over the chin. All students and staff have been or will be provided with a cloth LT mask, and we will also have temporary face coverings available at each campus for students who do not have one. In the event, due to medical reasons, a student cannot wear a mask, parents must submit a medical consent form to our Health Services Office and we will review those on an individual basis.

    Completion of a Daily Health Screener

    All parents must complete a daily health screener for their child. Each morning at 5:00am, parents will receive a link to the Qualtrics Daily Screener via the e-mail that is listed in Infinite Campus as “Emergency Priority #1 Contact." The screener includes a variety of questions that screen for symptoms and exposure to COVID-19. Once the parent completes the screener, the parent and the student will receive an e-mail indicating they are approved (green) or declined (red) from attending in-person learning for that specific day. The student will receive the confirmation or denial e-mail to their LT Google account and must show this in order to enter our campuses each morning. Parents will begin to receive the Qualtrics Daily Screener e-mails on Tuesday, October 13. We ask that you partner with us and begin completing the screener each day during the week of October 13 in order to prepare for Monday, October 19. Parents must complete the screener each weekday (regardless of whether your student is attending in-person learning that day) and on weekends only if your students will be on campus for an extra-curricular activity. In the event a parent does not complete the daily screener, the student will complete a separate screening process and will be delayed upon their arrival to our campuses. The screens on the Qualtrics Daily Screener will look similar to the images below. Please check your spam for a message from noreply@qemailserver.com. If you did not receive the screener email, please email healthscreener@lths.net

    Practice Social Distancing

    • Students are asked to arrive on their assigned days of in-person learning no earlier than 8:45am and will be asked to report immediately to their classrooms upon arrival to school.
    • Hallways and stairwells have been marked with directional signage to assist with social distancing.
    • Within classrooms, we have removed all unnecessary furniture, and seating charts will be developed for each class period to assist with contact tracing efforts. 
    • Restroom usage will be encouraged during class periods in order to avoid large gatherings that can occur during passing periods.
    • Students will not have access to lockers (including PE and Athletic Lockers), so they should plan to carry all necessary materials for each school day in their book bag.
    • Traditional water fountains have been disabled and students will be encouraged to use personal reusable water bottles at the water filling stations at each campus.


    What Happens if LTHS Has a Positive COVID-19 Case?

    If LT experiences a confirmed positive COVID-19 case, the term “close contact” becomes important for our certified school nurses. If this occurs, the following steps will be enacted.  
    • Health office staff will call the parent and discuss the details of the case to gather the specifics.
    • Health office staff discuss/review any close contacts that can be traced to school including bus transportation. This would not include any outside contact.
    • "Close Contact" = any individual with or without a cloth face covering who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes throughout the course of the day starting 2 days before illness onset (or for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated.
    • Health office staff will then talk to student, parents, and teachers in order to decide the next step of who else needs to be contacted.
    • That student testing positive is isolated at home.
    • All close contacts need to quarantine for 14 days regardless of testing. A negative test during quarantine does not mean the period of isolation or quarantine ends.
    • Every positive case is reported to the Cook County Department of Public Health.  
    • In a school, if there are 2 confirmed positive tests within 14 calendar days - that can be epidemiologically connected to each other – the Cook County Department of Public Health become involved and renders a decision about school remaining open or closed.
    This protocol has been followed in multiple instances this summer and fall.

    How do Lunch/Study Halls Work and When Can My Student Eat?

    In the 50% Hybrid/Remote Learning Model, lunch will not be served. However, students will continue to be assigned a Lunch/Study Hall for either period 4a or 4b on Monday/Thursday, then for 5a or 5b on Tuesday/Friday. Students will be subdivided into smaller lunch/study hall groups and designated spaces will ensure we don’t exceed the space limitation of more than 50. LT is offering students the opportunity to end their academic day without attending their lunch/study hall (period 4 or period 5). Additionally, families may select to replace scheduled 1st or 8th period study hall or scheduled study hall immediately before lunch with an unscheduled period. This selection would be for the remainder of the semester and families would be responsible for providing transportation to/from campus. If you would like for your child to have their lunch period and/or study hall removed from their schedule, please click here. Please note that students may not leave campus early and return to use LT transportation.
    Support Rooms and Drop-in Centers will not operate during in-person learning. We encourage students to use the morning Vita Plena time to connect with their teachers remotely through e-mail, Zoom call, or phone, and to use the afternoon Vita Plena time to connect with their teachers in person. During the week of October 19, any student who wishes to meet with his/her teachers during that time in-person must have a pre-arranged appointment.
    On the days they are participating in in-person learning, students are encouraged to bring snacks that can fit in their backpacks. Snacks will be eaten in classrooms, and students may remove their masks to eat a snack, but must maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times. Students will be asked to clean their desks/surfaces after eating and use hand sanitizer.

    How Does Bus Service Work?

    Busing is available for those families who live a minimum of 1.5 miles from the campus which they will be attending. LT will provide three transportation routes each day of hybrid learning:
    1. Traditional routes will run each morning to get students to campus for the first class period at 9:15am.
    2. Traditional routes will run each afternoon to get students home following the end of the last class period at 1:50pm.
    3. A “Late Bus” will run each afternoon to take students home after the afternoon Vita Plena Time at 3:05pm.
    Students will be required to wear a face covering prior to boarding the bus and must wear it for the duration of the trip. Transportation will not run on Wednesdays, as Wednesdays is a day of Remote Learning. Bus route information will be available on the LT website during the week of October 13. 
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    The hybrid-remote survey is closed. If you did not complete it for your student, please contact Suzanne Andersen.



    If you missed the 50% Hybrid/Remote Presentation, you can view it on YouTube. Director of Curriculum and Instruction Scott Eggerding, along with Principal Dr. Waterman and Superintendent Dr. Kilrea explain the hybrid/remote plan in great detail.