Summer Driver Education 2024

  • The LTHS summer school driver education program is limited in enrollment based on our cars and available staff.  If there is more interest than available space, enrollment will be done on the basis of DOB to allow students that will be eligible to get their license the soonest to complete the course.

    Only students born on or before 12/31/08 are eligible to take summer Driver Education.  Students who are eligible and interested in participating in the summer driver education program should register during the summer school academic program enrollment.  Students that request to be in our summer driver education session will be notified prior to spring break whether we can accommodate your request or not.  If there is room, you will need to pay the $390 registration fee to reserve your spot in the class and you will be sent additional directions on how to finalize your registration.

    It is important to note, that due to the Illinois Secretary of State requirements for class hours, there can be NO absences during the summer session.  The driver education session is tentatively scheduled to run from June 3rd, 2024 - June 28, 2024.  In order to participate in the program, students will need to be available each day from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm for classroom or behind-the-wheel lessons.

    Any students looking to enroll in our Summer Driver Education Program who live in district but attend a private school or home school please contact Terrie Welge for more information.

    Any questions, please contact Terrie Welge,