Project Love Letter

  • Project Love Letter

Sample letter

  • Sample Love Letter

What is Project Love Letter?

  • Are you like us? Has this past year been both unexpected and difficult? It's apparent to LT's Student Council that many of us feel "disconnected" from our family, our friends, our school, etc.

    Our sponsor, Mr. Geddeis, told us about a community service project that he is doing as part of a leadership development program at ETA Chicago. He proposed bringing that project into LT under Student Council’s leadership. Called Project Love Letters, its goal is to create connections around our community, throughout the state, and maybe even across the country!

    Our vision is to have every LT student handwrite a one-page letter addressed anonymously to a "new unknown friend," (or something along those lines). These letters will be distributed throughout our surrounding communities to institutions like nursing homes, retirement communities, hospitals, and the like.

    As Mr. Geddeis said, “If we can get each student at LT to write one letter, that’s 4,000 little sparks of love that we can engender.” (And if each staff member writes a letter, then we’ll have over 4,500 letters!)

    Not only do we want to inspire the students and staff who write these letters, we also want to inspire the people reading these letters. You never know what someone may be going through, and getting a letter from a random person could really lift their spirits and change their day.

    We plan to have every LT student and staff member contribute one Love Letter by February 16, 2021. Once the letters are complete, Mr. Geddeis will send them to our new friends.

    If you would like to join Student Council in this effort, pick up a pen and write your letter today! Since it’s only one handwritten page, it shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

    All letters must be submitted by February 16 and may be dropped off at the Main Office at either campus or mailed to:

    LTHS Student Council
    c/o Peter Geddeis
    100 S. Brainard Ave.
    LaGrange, IL 60525