DMV Appointment Scheduler

  • Please click the link below to access the webpage for the IL Secretary of State Office - DMV Appointment Scheduler.

    The IL SOS Office is excited to announce that you can schedule an appointment to:

    • Obtain your Learners Permit (*only after you have obtained the appropriate paperwork from LT)
    • Complete your Road Test at the DMV to obtain your license.

    Anyone who is going to the DMV to obtain their first-time driver’s license needs to follow these steps before going to the DMV:

    1. Confirm they are eligible to get a license.  Click the link on the left, "Drivers License Eligibility Inquiry" to see if you are eligible...if not please contact Terrie Welge (
    2. If you are eligible, please make an appointment (link below) for “In-Car Appointments”.  This includes students who have the CDTP Waiver (Coop form) because the DMV might run a spot check test on that day.
    3. Gather the necessary identification documents.