Jr/Sr Athletic Study Hall Information

  • Junior and senior athletes involved in regular IHSA interscholastic competition through LTHS will be offered the option of electing a study hall in lieu of their PE classes (seasonal PE waiver) during the season of athletic participation. 

    Below is the link to the Jr/Sr Athletic Study Hall Form for the Spring 2024 Season.  This form should be completed by LT students who are CURRENTLY in-season for an LT-approved IHSA competitive sport/program.

    Student-athletes must complete this form if they would like to move into an Athletic Study Hall in place of their PE class during their IHSA competitive season. The form should only be completed once the student-athlete has started regular practice for their competitive season.

    REQUEST FOR ATHLETIC STUDY HALL FORM (you must be signed in to your @d204.lths.net account to access the form)

    *Reminder: By completing the request form, you acknowledge your understanding of the Athletic Study Hall process.  In accordance with our school policies and the IL school code, you are only allowed in Athletic Study Hall during your IHSA season.  Once your season is over, you are expected to return to your PE class.

    To access the start dates for the various seasons and IHSA sports program please click HERE.