School Year 2021-22

  • Transitioning to a Mask Optional Environment
    Effective Date: Monday, April 4, 2022

    On February 28, 2022, Lyons Township High School District #204 transitioned from a universal masking requirement to a mask recommended environment, and has continued to monitor the available metrics regarding COVID transmission within our buildings and our community, as well as the guidance provided by CDC, CCDPH, and IDPH regarding ongoing COVID mitigation within schools.  We remain committed to cultivating a school environment that is respectful of the choices that are available related to the level of community transmission. Effective Monday, April 4, 2022, LTHS will apply the term ‘mask optional’ for all staff and students within our buildings in line with the CDC’s recommended mitigation efforts for our Low Level of Community Transmission.  

    Our goals, within the context of a pandemic, remain the same: 1) the health and safety of all students and staff; and 2) maintaining in-person instruction. A mask optional environment allows staff and students to determine if/when they would like to wear a mask with a few exceptions until further notice:

    • Masks are required upon entry to our Health Offices, regardless of the reason for entry (this includes illness, injury, or daily medication distribution)
    • Masks are required to be worn at all times for staff and students who return to work/school on a reduced isolation period after a positive COVID-19 infection (i.e., any individual who returns on Day 6 after testing positive for COVID, must wear a mask at all times on Days 6-10. Students returning on Day 6 will also be assigned to an alternate cafeteria space through Day 10)

    We are very proud of and grateful to our entire community for the support and respect that has been shown since the transition to a mask recommended environment, which took effect at LTHS on Monday, February 28. We recognize that this shift away from a universal masking requirement represents a significant change from the practice of the last two years and we are very proud at how our LT staff and students have navigated this change and have supported those who may be feeling increased stress and anxiety as a result.  

    A layered mitigation plan (see below) remains in place and will continue to be modified as needed.

COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Per our COVID-19 Dashboard, our local positivity rate (for the D204 zip codes) has significantly declined from 15.95% on January 7, 2022 to 1.26% as of March 10, 2022.  Our new case rate (7-day) is currently 68.4 cases per 100,000 population, down from 1,593.3/100,000 on January 9, 2022.  Based on CDC Community Level Metrics, Cook County is currently within the Low Community Level.  

    COVID Levels Chart

COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

  • We will also continue to put systems in place to minimize health risks related to COVID-19 for our community. The Lyons Township High School plan for mitigation efforts aligns with guidance from the CDC, IDPH, ISBE and CCDPH.
  • Mitigation Plan effective 2.28.22

    Layered Mitigation:

    A mask optional school environment impacts our mitigation plan. The following chart provided updated information regarding mitigation measures that will be removed, as well as those measures that will remain. 

    Mitigation Factors To Be Removed

    Asymptomatic close contacts will no longer be excluded. The District will continue to report positive cases to CCPDH and will send an email notification to all individuals who may have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case as part of the amended contact tracing process. 
    Notification Letter

    The district will no longer report on weekly close contacts (weekly positive cases will continue to be reported on the dashboard)
    LTHS COVID-19 Dashboard

    Mitigation Factors That Will Continue

    Promotion of COVID-19 Vaccination (and age-appropriate boosters) for all individuals ages 5+
    CCDPH Vaccine Info

    Masks are optional for all students, staff, and visitors to District 204 based on the CDC and IDPH guidance.
    CDC Mask Guide

    Masks required/must be worn on school transportation. This includes, but is not limited to buses, mini-vans, Driver Ed vehicles, etc. 
    Public Transportation Order

    Masks required/must be worn by all students and staff when in the Health Offices for any reason (illness, injury, daily medication)
    CDC Mask Guide

    Exclusion of any student or staff member who is positive for COVID-19 - students and staff must be cleared to return by the Health Offices after an infection

    Masks required/must be worn at all times on Days 6-10 for any student or staff member eligible to return to District 204 utilizing shortened exclusion.  Students returning on Days 6-10 will be required to eat lunch in an alternate cafeteria where 6 feet of distance can be maintained.

    Absence procedures, symptom reporting, and the use of the and email for related documentation will continue to be in use.
    Illness Report Form

    Social distancing within classrooms of 3 feet or more to the extent possible.

    Alternate lunch room will be provided with 6 feet of social distancing for any student who would prefer that setting to the general cafeteria. Please contact your Assistant Principal to request an alternate lunch room:

    Weekly screening testing will continue to be provided on Tuesdays with Northshore Clinical Labs for any staff or student who is interested.
    NCL Registration/Consent Link

    Symptomatic testing will continue within our Health Offices for anyone who becomes ill on campus (with COVID-like symptoms). Individuals will be excluded while waiting for the results of the PCR test. 
    NCL Registration/Consent Link

    Continued use of PCR tests for return to school per IDPH/CCDPH guidelines (due to High community transmission levels)

    Continued promotion of respiratory and handwashing hygiene 
    CDC Handwashing Info

  • Attendance Reporting

    To report an absence, you must call the school before 9AM on the day of the absence. For students who have been excluded due to being COVID-19 positive, parents/guardians do not need to call every day as the length of exclusion is noted by the attendance office. 

    North Campus Attendance: 708-354-4700

    South Campus Attendance: 708-579-6528

    If your student has been exposed to a COVID-19 infection or is symptomatic/ill, please complete the Illness Report Form, which allows our Health Office to follow up on illness reports, maintain health and safety, and keep more students in school.

  • Instructional Support During Periods of School Exclusion

    If a student has a positive COVID-19 infection and must be excluded, they will have access to remote synchronous support within the following content areas: English, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Students wishing to access remote, synchronous support will need to email the content area teachers listed on this document in order to set an appointment.  Important information about this support option is included within this document - teachers’ names/contact information and zoom links. Please note that teachers providing support are certified in English, math, science, and social studies; they may not be experts in the specific courses students are assigned but will make every effort to provide support that is needed.  Also, please note that teachers will only be available in the event that a student emails them to request an appointment.  The teacher and student will mutually agree on an appointment time that works with both individuals’ schedules.  

    Students are responsible for checking Canvas and working with classroom teachers to secure assignments/work that needs to be completed during the quarantine period.  Students can attend remote synchronous support if they need additional help or have questions on assignments/content.  If your student receives Special Education or 504 Plan services, please contact their case manager/school counselor for specific questions regarding specialized support in a remote environment.  

    This is an optional, synchronous resource available for students during their exclusion period.  

    Content Area 

    Teacher Name 

    Zoom Link 


    Jill Bober

    Math Help


    Bruce Falli

    Science Help


    Brad Anderson

    English Help

    Social Studies

    Kathryn Pieper

    Social Studies Help

    If you have any questions about learning/instruction during a period of exclusion, please contact your student’s Assistant Principal or your student’s teachers directly. 

    Freshman AP: Mr. Adam Davis or 708-579-6500

    Interim Sophomore AP: Ms. Kris Costopoulos or 708-579-6500

    Junior AP: Mr. Darrell Mathis or 708-579-6300

    Senior AP: Mr. Bryan Radavich or 708-579-6300

  • COVID-19 Testing Information

    District 204 continues to work with Northshore Clinical Labs (NCL) and to offer weekly screening testing for those interested (recommended for any unvaccinated student) to better support our goal of students remaining in school and available for in-person instruction. 

    NCL is a high-capacity laboratory based in Chicago supporting COVID-19 testing throughout the country. The weekly PCR tests will be administered by a shallow nasal swab with results typically available within 24-48 hours. To prepare your student for a shallow nasal swab, please see this video. NCL has highly trained clinical staff that will administer the tests in collaboration with our Health Offices and Building Administration on site at LT, during school hours. If a student receives a positive result, LT will communicate to the parents/guardians of that individual student and we will proceed with the contact tracing procedures previously communicated. NCL and their staff are HIPAA compliant and confidentiality will always be preserved. 

    Testing by NCL is free. Your insurance information is required, but there is absolutely no cost sharing. If an individual does not have insurance, coverage will be provided through the HRSA COVID-19 Coverage Assistance Fund at no cost (identification of parent/guardian is required). If you provide insurance information, there will be a line item on the coverage documentation but there will be no cost to the insured individual/family. 

    *Weekly screening testing is currently happening at both campuses on Tuesdays. Students are sent electronic passes via email to come to the designated locations for testing, but they are also able to stop in during passing periods as testing is quick (1-2 minutes). 


    As part of the partnership with NCL, we are also able to conduct the shallow nasal swab - PCR tests for students who develop/experience COVID-like symptoms while at school.  Students who are experiencing symptoms consistent with the up-to-date IDPH Interim COVID-19 Exclusion Guidance must be sent home. Students are able to return once they receive a negative RT-PCR result. Most of the NCL test results are available within 24-48 hours, which can significantly decrease the number of school days a student misses. 

    These tests will be conducted within our Health Office and then the specimens will be sent to the NCL lab for processing. 

    Registration/Consent for testing can be completed through this REGISTRATION/CONSENT LINK and parents/guardians may choose to consent for weekly screening only, symptomatic testing only, or both. No student will be tested without consent and staff will call home prior to administering any test even if consent has been granted. Consent may be revoked at any time. 

    For any questions regarding NCL testing at LTHS, please email

    For test results for registered students, please visit the NCL Patient Portal

    For answers to frequently asked questions regarding testing at LT, visit Screening testing FAQ’s

  • Health Office Information

    The Health Office hours at both North and South Campus are Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3:15pm. Please note that documentation submitted over a holiday or weekend will not be reviewed until the next business day. 

    Due to the large volume of phone calls and health office visits, we respectfully request that all documentation be submitted electronically via the following email addresses to aid in the speed of processing and recording information:

    Additional information can also be found on the Health Services Webpage.

    South Campus Health Office: 708-579-6531

    North Campus Health Office: 708-579-6363

    Masks must be worn in the Health Office at all times.

  • High-risk extracurricular activities are those in which increased exhalation occurs, such as activities that involve singing, shouting, band, or exercise, especially when conducted indoors.

    Review and acknowledgement of the parent/guardian consent form for screening testing will be completed through an Infinite Campus Survey prior to the school year.

  • Cleaning Protocols

    • All desks, tables, and chairs are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. 
    • Door handles and all high touch areas are sanitized on a daily basis.
    • All restrooms are cleaned multiple times throughout each school day.
      • All surfaces including sinks, toilets, toilet paper dispensers, and paper towel dispensers are cleaned and sanitized.
      • Door handles and all high touch areas are sanitized. 

  • Field Trips

    • LTHS will return to normal approval of field trips for the 2021-2022 school year.
    • Overnight field trips will be approved on a case by case basis.  
    • Virtual field trip experiences/opportunities will be utilized when appropriate/available.

  • Cafeteria/Food Service

    • Alternate lunch room will be provided with 6 feet of social distancing for any student who would prefer that setting to the general cafeteria. Please contact your Assistant Principal to request an alternate lunch room:

    • Students that are able to bring their lunch are encouraged to do so in order to avoid congestion in serving lines.  Limited options will be available based on serving guidelines, staffing, and students’ preferences.
    • Students purchasing their lunch are encouraged to utilize cashless payment by using their student ID.  Students can add money to their account through the Infinite Campus portal or through bringing cash to the cafeteria.
    • Cafeteria tables will be cleaned between lunch periods.

  • Physical Spaces

    • Traditional water fountains will continue to be turned off.  Bottle filling stations will be available for student & staff use.
    • Additional hand sanitizer stations will be available.

  • Student Accommodations / Homebound Services

    If students require accommodations to meet the safety expectations, a COVID-19 Medical Accommodation Form must be completed by the student’s health care provider and parent/guardian. Submit completed forms to Upon receipt and review, the health office will coordinate a meeting with the parent/guardian, student and applicable school staff to determine an appropriate plan.

  • Technology/Virtual Parent Meetings

    • All students are issued a Chromebook to support their learning.
    • Digital tools will be accessible from students’ Chromebooks.  
    • A virtual option may be utilized for various parent and student meetings.
    • Virtual IEP meetings will be an option for families.

  • Please note that LT’s mitigation efforts for COVID-19 can be adjusted or changed based on outbreaks, increasing trends in the school/community, local vaccination levels, and the feasibility of each strategy. 
  • Angel the Comfort Dog

    Angel, an LLC K9 comfort dog, will be in regular attendance at the LT North and South Campuses during the early part of the 2021-2022 school year.  Angel is from St. John’s Lutheran Church in LaGrange and has experience interacting with individuals at churches, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, events and in disaster response situations. Comfort dogs bring a calming influence, allowing people to open up their hearts and receive help. 

  • ReferralGPS

    LTHS is now partnering with ReferralGPS, which is a cloud-based referral solution for behavioral health professionals. It was developed as a way for organizations to align with behavioral health providers and facilitate appropriate patient referrals. With ReferralGPS, we can now connect our students and families with vetted community-based mental health professionals that match families’ financial/insurance, location, language, and area of specialization needs. The referral portal is available for all of our families to use and/or our mental health professionals can work with the portal to support families and students. Here is the public link for ReferralGPS.