Career Training and Education: Overview What is CTE?

  • The purpose of this course is to provide students with authentic training and preparation for the world of work. Students will focus on skills related to career awareness, exploration and preparation through direct instruction combined with off campus job training and job shadowing within the community. This course will also include transportation training within the community. Instructional activities will focus on seeking and applying for employment, self-determination, communication, problem solving, and work ethics and behavior. The content is individualized according to each student’s needs and IEP goals.

How are students recommended for CTE?

  • To help make this important decision, the IEP team considers the following information:

    • Student / family input
    • Teacher recommendations (based on observations, task analysis, formative and summative assessments, etc.)
    • File review including eligibility information which specifies a student’s strengths, challenges, abilities, and adaptive skills
    • Team collaboration with discussion of the needs of the student and corresponding goals

Special Education Department Mission Statement

  • The mission of LTHS Special Education is to support students in developing the skills necessary to achieve their individual post-secondary goals through collaboration with family, school, and community partners.

Vocational vision (student outcome)

What does CTE look like?

  • More information coming soon.

How do I know if the LTHS CTE class is right for me?

  • More information coming soon.

What is next?

    • Achieve Vocational Goal
    • Adult DRS
    • Project Search- IEP team recommended
    • LTHS Transition- IEP team recommended