XII. Student Services

  • Goal--to promote healthy intellectual, emotional, physical development among all students. Student Services are proactive and designed to facilitate developmental activities (see Board Policy 7:250—Student Support Services). They are organized and implemented by certified student services personnel. They are supported by teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

    Student Services are designed to assist students in making individually appropriate choices for their own well-being.


    Staff Social workers are: Joan Cushing, Jennifer Fanta, Pam Locke, Salvado Montes, Mary Palacios, Bobbette Pulliam, and Nekeia Wilson
    1. Social Workers meet with individual students and groups to develop personal coping skills:
    a. For increased self-understanding.
    b. For an improved self-image.
    2. Special Education Personnel schedule and conduct special education staffing to:
    a. Discuss student's special needs.
    b. Coordinate school's support services and those in community.
    c. Annual review


    All students begin developing future plans with counselors as freshmen and the process continues through the senior year.
    1. Cody Dailey, College Coordinator
    a. Group meetings with students
    b. Career Speakers, College Night
    c. College representative visitations
    d. Transcripts
    e. Resource information


    1. Counselors are assigned to meet and work with students during their four years of high school both individually and in group guidance programs.
    2. They serve as liaison among students, staff, and parents.
    3. They perform personal, social, career, and college counseling.
    4. They provide information to groups and individuals.
    5. They assume responsibility to help with student course selections.
    6. They interpret standardized testing results.
    7. They encourage participation in school activities
    Freshman Class (2026)
    Pat King
    Jane Bauer
    Mike Ziroli
    Kristi Gabriel
    Sophmore Class (2025):
    Lauren Cuchna (A-Fay)
    Alex Ip (Fe-Le)
    Kristin Sisto (Li-Rad)
    TBD (Rah-Z)
    Junior Class (2024):
    Kate Pruski (A-E)     
    Chris Grosrenaud (F-La)
    Brooke Spencer (Le-Ri)
    Gia Garro (Ro-Z)
    Senior Class (2023): 
    Nicole Ziroli (A-Fu)
    Katie Kozlowski (Ham-Mia) 
    Leo Torres (Par-To)
    Anne Strickland (G-Hal, Mol-Paq, Tr-Z)

    Student Intervention Teams meet weekly to identify and support students encountering difficulty in school.
    1. Each grade level has a team. Each team includes an Assistant Principal, School Social Worker, School Counselors, School Nurse, School Psychologist, and other support personnel.
    2. Purpose of the team:
    a. To identify students with unsatisfactory academic progress
    b. To identify students with disabilities impacting free and appropriate educational access
    c. To support, intervene, or offer outside resources for alcohol and substance use, social emotional issues, and mental illness
    d. To investigate referrals by parents, faculty, students, or team members.


    Each campus health office is staffed by a full-time certified school nurse and a Paraeducator. This office is responsible for maintaining student health records, providing basic first aid care to students and providing consultation to students and parents regarding health-related issues and concerns.

    South Campus: 708-579-6531 - Kathleen Weber, RN and Paraeducator
    North Campus: 708-579-6363 - Julie Loftus, RN and Paraeducator
    James Harazin, D.O., school physician, available for consultation on an as-needed basis.
    1. Care for sick or injured students: If the reason for a Health Office visit does not require emergency care, the student is to report to his/her class and get a pass from the teacher. The student will return the pass from the Health Office to the teacher upon return to the classroom. For student safety, students should not contact parent via text message or personal cell phone. Parents will be contacted as needed after the student has been assessed in the Health Office. Students with a fever of 100°F or greater or vomiting are sent home by the School Nurse after a parent/emergency contact is notified. It is important to note that a student who has been sick with a fever or vomiting must be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to school. The student may return the same day ONLY if the student is seen by a physician and brings a note to the health office staff.
    2. Vision/hearing: Screenings are conducted in the fall by the certified hearing and vision technician on all students with special education needs, transfer students, teacher requests and parent requests (see Board Policy 7:100—Health, Eye, and Dental Examinations; Immunizations; and Exclusion of Students). Vision/hearing screening is only a screening, not a substitute for a professional vision/audiology examination.
    3. Physical examination requirements: In accordance with Illinois School Code and Board Policy 7:100—Health, Eye, and Dental Examinations; Immunizations; and Exclusion of Students, a physical examination is required for entrance into 9th grade, and when transferring from another high school. The physical must be completed on or after the LTHS previous school year start date. The health history portion of the Illinois physical examination form must be completed and signed by the parent in order for the physical to be valid. Forms are available from the health office or LTHS website. The School District reserves the right to exclude students if not in compliance.
    4. Immunization requirements: Immunizations must be in compliance with Illinois Department of Public Health policies and Board Policy 7:100—Health, Eye, and Dental Examinations; Immunizations; and Exclusion of Students. The School District reserves the right to exclude students if not in compliance pursuant to Board Policy 7:100.
    5. Dental examinations are requested, but not yet required, for incoming 9th graders for the 2019-20 school year. Pursuant to the Illinois School Code and Board Policy 7:100—Health, Eye, and Dental Examinations; Immunizations; and Exclusion of Students, 9th graders will be required to have a dental examination. The rule making the process for implementation for this law may take up to 9 months.
    6. Physical education restrictions: If your student is injured or has any restrictions from physical education please obtain written documentation from the treating physician indicating the reason and duration of the restriction and submit to your student’s school nurse. If you have any questions, please contact the health office.
    7. Students should not take medication during school hours or during school-related activities unless it is necessary for a student's health and well-being. When a student's licensed health care provider and parent/guardian believe that it is necessary for the student to take a medication during school hours or school-related activities, the parent/guardian must request that the school dispense the medication to the child and otherwise follow the District's procedures on dispensing medication (see Board Policy 7:270—Administering Medicines to Students).
    No School District employee shall administer to any student, or supervise a student's self-administration of, any prescription or non-prescription medication until a completed and signed "School Medication Authorization Form" is submitted by the student's parent/guardian. No student shall possess or consume any prescription or non-prescription medication on school grounds or at a school-related function other than as provided for in this policy and its implementing procedures.

    A student may possess and/or administer an epinephrine auto-injector, e.g., EpiPen®, medication prescribed for asthma, and/or medical infused cannabis products for immediate use at the student's discretion, provided the student's parent/guardian has completed and signed a "School Medication Authorization Form" and the possession and/or administration complies with Board Policy 7:270—Administering Medicines to Students. Tylenol (generic) tablets may be administered if OLR signature or a parent permission form is on file for the student in the health office. Information on medications, including Authorization, can be found on the Health Services page of the LTHS website.

    8. Emergency Contact Information: The most current health information and emergency contact information is obtained each year through the Online Registration Process. Parents/guardians are responsible to keep this information up to date by notifying the main office, or by submitting changes via the Infinite Campus Portal self-service utility in the Family Household Information and Family Members sections. Changes to emergency contact information may also be submitted via the Infinite Campus Portal in the student’s Demographics section in the Non-Household Contacts area.
    9. Care of students with special health care needs: If your child has special health care needs such as, diabetes, seizures, asthma, or life threatening allergies contact the school nurse. Special Health Forms required can be found on the LTHS website under Health Services, Special Health Forms.