II. Students with Disabilities

  • District #204 provides a free appropriate public education to students through 21 years of age who are identified as having a disability that adversely affects academic performance and as being in need of special education and related services pursuant to State and Federal law and Board Policy 6:120—Education of Children with Disabilities. Any student who exhibits problems that indicate the child may have a disability and need special education services to benefit from an education should be referred to the building Student Services Team via the student’s counselor, social worker, or building psychologist to determine if a case study evaluation is necessary. A variety of services and supports are available to meet the unique needs of each student.

    Interpretation services are available at IEP meetings for parents whose native language is other than English, or who are deaf, to assist with participation in the meeting. If you would like an interpreter at your child’s IEP meeting, please request an interpreter by completing a Request for Interpreter Form, found on the Special Education Department page of the LTHS website or by contacting the LTHS Special Education Office at (708) 579-6521. You have the right to request that the interpreter serve no other role in the IEP meeting other than as an interpreter and the District will make reasonable efforts to fulfill this request.

    Please contact the Special Education Office at (708) 579-6521 if you have any questions or complaints about interpretation services.

    For further information, please contact the Special Education Division Chair at 708-579-6520.


    To assist all students with speech and language disabilities, a speech-language pathologist is available at each campus. Questions regarding this special education service are available by calling the Special Education Office at 708-579-6520.


    District #204 develops appropriate Section 504 Plans for students whose academic progress is being affected by some type of physical and/or medical impairment. Students should be referred to the building Student Services Team via the student’s counselor. For further information please review Board Policy 6:120—Education of Children with Disabilities and contact your student’s counselor.