III. Academic Information

  • For specific information regarding an academic program, please consult the Academic Program Guide.

    Grades and credits are necessary elements of academic performance. Grades earned represent an appraisal of student academic achievement based on the attainment of objectives, standards, and expectations of the course in which he/she is enrolled (see Board Policy 6:280—Grading and Promotion).

    Academic achievement is represented by the letter grades as follows: 
    B=Above Average
    D-Below Average
    WF=Withdrawal Failing
    NC=No Credit

    Academic courses at LTHS are assigned levels based on their academic difficulty. Student placement in course levels is accomplished through a variety of measures including but not limited to prior academic performance, test results, teacher recommendation, and parent input. Brief descriptions of course levels are given below. More detailed information may be found in the Academic Program Guide.

    1.    Level III (PREP) – Preparatory courses are planned for students who have attained basic skills and who are working toward higher competencies. Preparatory courses are designed to prepare students for post-high school education.
    2.    Level IV (ACCEL) – Accelerated courses are planned for students working at a higher challenge level or at an accelerated pace.
    3.    Level V (Hon/AP) (see Board Policy 6:135—Accelerated Placement Program) – Honors and AP courses are planned for students with exceptionally rapid learning abilities or who are preparing for an Advanced Placement examination.

    In computing a student’s GPA, the grade point value for each letter grade earned in each course is added together. The sum is then divided by the total number of courses taken per semester. The un-weighted grade point value table is based on a 4-3-2-1-0 scale and is standard among many colleges/universities. The weighted grade point value table has as its norm the 4-3-2-1-0 scale at Level III courses and is adjusted based on rigor for Accelerated and Honors.

    A student receives both an unweighted and weighted GPA. All semester grades that a student has earned in all courses are used to compute both unweighted and weighted GPA. The exceptions to this are Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grades (including credit for Driver Education taken at private/commercial/non-approved driver education school); Audit Unsatisfactorily completed (AU), Audit Satisfactorily completed (AS), Incomplete (I), Withdrawal (W), and Conditional Pass (CP).

    1.    The un-weighted GPA reflects a student’s achievement in courses when compared to all class grade members (9, 10, 11, or 12).
    2.    The weighted GPA reflects a student’s achievement based on the academic rigor of their courses.

    The tables used to determine weighted and unweighted GPA are as follows:

    Weighted GPA table
    Un-weighted GPA table

    D.    HONOR ROLL
    Honor Roll status is determined by the unweighted or weighted GPA, whichever is higher. Honor Roll status is achieved with an unweighted or weighted GPA of 3.125 or higher. To be eligible, a student must be enrolled in at least five courses (or their equivalent), Physical Education/Health, and receive no failing (F or WF) grades. Of particular note,

    1.    All grades earned by a student apply toward honor roll determination with the exception of AS, AU, CR, NC, and W grades. **Please refer to page 19 of the Academic Program Guide for additional information.
    2.    Honor roll is determined by using an unweighted or weighted grade point value table for grades earned.
    3.    Honor roll status is determined using unweighted or weighted GPAs, whichever is higher.
    4.    Honor roll is calculated, awarded and announced 4 times each year.
    5.    Semester honor roll is posted at the end of the first and second semesters and is based on the entire semester’s work including final semester examinations.
    6.    Summer School grades do not apply to any of the honor rolls.


    1.    Students may elect a course on a credit/no credit (CR/NC) basis instead of earning a traditional letter grade (see Board Policies 6:310—Credit for Alternative Courses and Programs, and Course Substitutions; 6:320—High School Credit for Proficiency). (Note: Some colleges may not accept credit/no credit courses which are needed for college entrance.)
    2.    CR/NC courses are not used in GPA.
    3.    Courses designated CR/NC in the Academic Program Guide may be taken as follows:

    a.    Minimum of five (5) subjects must be carried, exclusive of Physical or Driver Education.
    b.    Students may enroll in only one course for (CR/NC) per semester or per summer term.
    c.    All students must submit a completed application within the first 4 weeks of a semester.
    d.    An annual course may be selected at the start of its second semester for (CR/NC) even though it was not selected first semester, provided all conditions are still met. Students selecting both semesters of an annual course as (CR/NC) must apply for each semester separately.
    e.    Students taking courses for the (CR/NC) option must earn grades of C- or higher in order to receive credit for these courses.
    f.    Independent study courses may not be taken as (CR/NC).
    g.    Dance Studies 1, 2, & 3 may be elected for (CR/NC) only if they are taken as a Creative Arts graduation requirement and must be taken in addition to a regular PE course during the same semester.


    1.    In general, students are classified as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors according to the number of credits they have earned. Requests for special classification should be made to the Principal.
    2.    The Board of Education will promote students to succeeding grade levels as they successfully meet District #204 academic standards embodied in course curricula or in courses of study demonstrated to be comparable to that of District #204 (see Board Policies 6:280—Grading and Promotion; 7:40—Nonpublic School Students, Including Parochial and Home-Schooled Students; 7:50—School Admissions and Student Transfers To and From Non-District Schools). A student who passes and earns credit in a course is assumed to have successfully met District #204 standards embodied within that course.
    3.    Students earn academic grade level promotion based upon the following earned academic credit sequence (see Board Policy 6:280—Grading and Promotion).

    a.    In order to be promoted from grade 9 to grade 10, a student must pass a minimum of 5.00 units of academic credit.
    b.    In order to be promoted from grade 10 to grade 11, a student must pass a minimum of 10.00 units of academic credit.
    c.    In order to be promoted from grade 11 to grade 12, a student must pass a minimum of 15.00 units of academic credit.
    d.    In order to graduate and earn a diploma from Lyons Township High School District #204, a student must pass a minimum of 23.00 academic credits and fulfill all other District #204 requirements for high school graduation.

    Counselors will meet with any of their advisees who are in jeopardy of not passing the required units of credit for promotion to the next grade level after 1st quarter, semester, and 3rd quarter grades have been issued. Counselors will inform students of their deficiency in credits and the possibility of not being promoted to the next grade level. Counselors will discuss with the student the various options for delineating the specific steps that will be taken to remediate the deficiencies. Once failure notices are received at the end of a school year and the following summer school session, counselors will contact students to make any necessary adjustments in the selection of courses for the following academic year.

    Lyons Township High School District 204 offers Summer Academic and Activity tuition programs for students in the community. The program is designed to help students make up credits, accelerate their progress, and/or enrich their high school programs.

    Information on Summer Academic Programs is available in the Academic Program Guide and in Summer Activity Program brochures during registration time in late winter. Information can be obtained by contacting the Summer Program Office (708-579-6313). Students must furnish their own transportation to all summer programs.

    A student must successfully complete all graduation requirements as specified by Board Policy 6:300—Graduation Requirements, the Illinois State Board of Education, and The School Code of Illinois.

    Subject Area/Course Required Credits
    Consumer Education ½ (.5) Driver Education ½ (.5) English 4 (4.0)
    Health Education ½ (.5) Mathematics 3 (3.0)
    Physical Education 3 ½ (3.5)
    Science 2 (2.0)
    United States History 1 (1.0)
    World History 1 (1.0)
    Civics ½ (.5) 
    Creative Arts/Practical Arts >1(1.0)+
    Additional Electives 5½ (5.5)
    TOTAL 23 (23.0)


    1.    Sent for these purposes

    a.    Commending students for outstanding work
    b.    Recognizing successful effort to overcome difficulties
    c.    Indicating danger of failing
    d.    Observing lack of achievement to level of capacity
    e.    Requesting parental help to overcome problems

    2.    Intentions

    a.    Inform parents of strengths and weaknesses
    b.    Facilitate cooperation between home and school
    c.    Provide supplementary information to support grade

    3.    Notification

    a.    Written notice
    b.    Telephone call
    c.    Personal conference
    d.    E-mail communication
    e.    Available to parents & students via Infinite Campus
    f.    Any combination of above

    4.    How to reach a teacher

    a.    Call LTHS, 708-579-6300 (NC) or 708-579-6500 (SC)
    b.    Leave a message so the teacher can return the call. (Teaching schedules may restrict teacher availability at time of call.)
    c.    Each employee was given a personal voicemail box number. Parents may access an individual by calling 708-579-6140 and either dial the first three letters of his or her last name or request a directory listing.
    d.    Via email – teacher’s first initial – last name @lths.net (no spaces).

    LTHS utilizes Infinite Campus as an important communication tool with parents and students. Faculty have been trained in its use. LTHS provides incoming parents and students with user IDs and passwords to access the system.

    Information regarding the use of Infinite Campus is available on the LTHS website and support for students and parents is provided via the Discovery Center staff.