VI. Student Records

  • LTHS complies with Board Policy 7:340—Student Records, the Illinois School Student Records Act, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, and all other relevant State and Federal policies and procedures regarding retention and destruction of student records.


      1. All requests submitted in writing to Associate Principal; dated and signed. (Requests will be processed in accordance with Public Records Procedures of District #204, in compliance with the Illinois School Student Records Act.)
      2. Requests usually granted and review completed within ten (10) working days.
      3. The time to respond may be extended for an additional five (5) business days pursuant to the Illinois School Student Records Act.
      4. Reviewer may review/inspect complete record unless request was for specific part(s) of record.
      5. School staff member prepares summary statement of record inspection or review conference.
      6. Student and parent/guardian sign statement prior to review.
      7. Signed statement is permanent part of student record.


      1. Parents/Guardians or students have right to review student's own records.
      2. If younger than eighteen, parents/guardians should request.
      3. If older than eighteen, student should make a request.
      4. Records may be copied for requesting person for reasonable fee.
      5. If a parent/guardian or eligible student requests that student records are provided to a third party, school officials will only release information with written consent specifying information to be furnished and person/place receiving information.
      6. Parent/student may receive a copy of records released for reasonable fee.


    According to the Illinois School Student Records Act, materials and information in student's folder classified as either Permanent Record or Temporary Record.

    1. Permanent Record - maintained for no less than sixty (60) years.

        1. Basic identifying information, including both students and parents' legal names, addresses, birth date and place, gender.
        2. Academic transcript, including grades, class rank, grade level achieved, graduation date, and college entrance exam scores.
        3. Attendance records.
        4. Accident reports; health records.
        5. Record of release of permanent record information.

    2. Temporary Record – deleted 5 years after graduation

        1. Family background
        2. Group and individual intelligence test scores
        3. Aptitude test scores.
        4. Psychological evaluations pertaining to intelligence, personality, academic achievement obtained from administering tests, observations, or interviews.
        5. Elementary and secondary achievement level test results.
        6. Teacher anecdotal records.
        7. Disciplinary information.
        8. Special education files/504/RTI files
          1. Multidisciplinary staffing reports on placement IEP’s test protocols.
          2. All records/recordings related to placement, hearing, and appeals.
          3. RTI and 504 evaluations and plans
        1. Any verified reports from non-educational people, agencies, or organizations.
          1. Other verified clearly relevant education information.
          2. Record of release of temporary record information.

    3. Judicial request

        1. Student records available to any court of law or government agency acting with subpoena or under court order.
        2. Parent/Guardian or student (eighteen or older) notification in writing that such subpoena being honored.


    1. Discussed between Associate Principal (custodian of student records) and person requesting information.
    2. Associate Principal will outline procedures for Superintendent's review of objections.
    3. Formal hearing may be held to resolve problem if not resolved between superintendent and parent/student.


    1. Designee of Associate Principal, class counselors, makes records of counselees available for inspection and review.
    2. Graduates or students not currently enrolled contact Associate Principal.


    In accordance with relevant State and Federal laws and regulations and Board Policy 7:340—Student Records, directory information may be released to the general public, military recruiters, and colleges and universities unless parent requests otherwise. "Directory Information" shall be limited to:

    1. Identification--name, address, gender, grade level, birthdate and place, parents' names and addresses
    2. Academic awards, degrees, and honors
    3. School sponsored activities, organizations
    4. Length of school attendance


    As part of our community relations efforts and student recognition programs, Lyons Township High School District 204 may periodically release or publish information regarding students and their accomplishments (see Board Policy 7:340—Student Records). Student information and/or images may be included in District publications, on the District website, television/radio station and District administered social media websites. Furthermore, D204 may allow the media in the school to cover non-public events, accomplishments and news stories and to use names, images, photographs or likenesses of students in electronic, video or printed form.

    All exclusionary requests must be mailed to Lyons Township High School, 100 S. Brainard Avenue, LaGrange, IL 60525 to the attention of the Community Relations Coordinator within the first 30 days of school.

    Parents/guardians should understand that if they withhold consent, none of the student’s information would be released. This includes examples such as information/photograph for the yearbook, award listings such as honor roll and classroom projects highlighted in digital and print form.

    Images/Names of Students Taken by Non-school Personnel

    While the district limits access to school buildings by outside photographers/news media outlets (see Board Policy 8:10—Connection with the Community), it has no control over other students, news media, or outside entities that may post/publish a picture of an identified or unidentified student. District/school staff members will not identify a student for a photographer/reporter who was not pre-approved to be on district grounds by district/school officials.

    This form does not include photographs or videos that do not feature your student but where your student appears in the background which may be released or published without parent authorization. In addition, images of students participating in extracurricular activities (e.g, athletic events, theatrical productions), which by their very nature involve exposure to the public, may also be released or published without authorization from parents.