XV. Important General Information


    In order to assure student health and safety, animals are not allowed on school property, except in the case of a service animal accompanying a student or other individual with a documented disability. This rule may be temporarily waived by the building principals in the case of an educational opportunity for students, provided that (a) the animal is appropriately housed, humanely cared for, and properly handled, and (b) students will not be exposed to a dangerous animal or an unhealthy environment (see Board Policy 6:100—Using Animals in the Educational Program).


    OPEN SCHOOL DAYS (Monday-Friday) at times to be posted in hallway, for the sale of school supplies.


    Lost articles should be turned into the main office or Assistant Principals' office. Owners claim articles with ID and proof of ownership. Any property missing or stolen, should be reported by the student to the Security Department. Go to the Assistant Principals' office and ask for a Student Assistant to make a theft report.


    When bad weather threatens to close LTHS, parents and students can log on to the Lyons Township High School website (lths.net), cancellations.com or emergencyclosings.com for up-to-date school closings or delays. Both websites offer email notification for automatic postings to electronic mailboxes. Automated notifications will also be sent from the school to current email addresses and phone numbers. Parents and students can also tune into the following radio and television stations for closing information:

    Radio: WBBM – AM, WGN – AM

    Television: WBBM, WMAQ, WLS, WGN, WFLD and CLTV.


    1. All students have a cafeteria prepayment account. To add funds to the account, students may bring cash to the cafeteria or deposits may be made online with credit or debit cards through the Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal connection with the web store, hosted by Rev-Trak. Login to the Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal and select “More” and then “Online Payments” from the menu of options. Choose “Make One-Time Payment” or “Sign In to Set up Auto Replenish.” Follow the on screen instructions to complete the transaction.”
    2. To view a history of food service transactions, login to the Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal and select “Food Service” from the menu of options. Choose the time frame and view the transactions, as well as balances, deposits and purchase summaries.
    3. YEAR END BALANCES – At year end, funds remaining in a student’s account will roll-over to the following school year. For graduating seniors with accounts over $10, funds will be transferred to younger siblings or refunded after graduation. Parents requesting a refund for a student leaving the district must send a written request, letter or email, to Kathy Moran in the Business Office. No cash refunds will be issued to students through the cafeteria and checks will be mailed to parents in June. Seniors should spend balances of less than $10 since no refund will be issued for this amount or less.


    Video cameras are installed inside and outside of the buildings for the safety of our students, staff, and visitors. There should be no expectation of privacy in these areas.


    Deliveries to students such as gifts (flowers, balloons, etc.) and/or food delivery (DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats, etc.) are not allowed. Messages from custodial parents in the case of emergency will be permitted.