Health Education Curricular Units

  • The Health Education curriculum at LTHS consists of 6 interconnected units that center around responsible decision-making.  The decisions that one makes can impact others as well as their personal well-being. The main concepts covered include:

    Wellness Unit: The content covered in this unit includes teen health and wellness with an emphasis on choosing healthy lifestyle behaviors.  We discuss traditional and preventive medicine with a focus on disease prevention.  We emphasize positive risks and good decision-making skills versus risky behaviors and their relationship to the leading causes of death. 

    Nutrition Unit: The content covered in this unit includes the six essential nutrients and the major functions of each one.  We highlight the importance of fitness, proper sleep, and the impact on teenage well-being.  We talk about eating disorders, body image, obesity, diabetes, and performance enhancers.

    Mental Health Unit: The content covered in this unit includes the mental and emotional well-being of teens, self-concept, and strong character traits.  We discuss tolerance, goal setting, resiliency, and mental health disorders.  We talk about stress, grief, loss, bullying, teen suicide prevention, and the warning signs of suicide.  An emphasis is placed on LT's ACT protocol, social well-being, safe and responsible use of social media, coping strategies, and stress reduction techniques. 

    Substance Abuse Unit: The content covered in this unit includes the concept of misuse and abuse of various substances, addiction, and recovery.  There is an emphasis on alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco/nicotine products. We also talk about the consequences of short-term and long-term drug abuse.

    Human Development Unit: The content covered in this unit includes qualities and traits of healthy, safe relationships. We incorporate inclusivity along with understanding sexual identity.  We talk about consent, and dating violence prevention where students are provided with helpful resources.  We also discuss abstinence, sexual responsibility and decision-making, reproduction, pregnancy, childbirth, contraception, and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.  

    The content in this unit has been aligned for many years with the National Sex Education Standards (NSES).  The NSES update which was issued in early 2022, and was adopted by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) for public schools can be found HERE.  The revised information included in this 2nd edition is summarized on pages 10 and 11.  In accordance with SB 818, "No student shall be required to take or participate in the comprehensive sex education unit." A family may request to have their student removed from the comprehensive sex education unit by submitting the following form: Sex Ed Opt-Out form (English)    Sex Ed Opt-Out form (Spanish) .   

    Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Certification: The content of this unit includes when and why CPR/AED use may be needed.  A practical training and certification process is taught by our staff who are certified instructors through the American Heart Association. The students can earn a valid American Heart Association Heart Saver Certification which is valid for 2 years.