Book Pick-up

  • When is Book Pick Up?

    Book Pick Up is scheduled for the following dates/times by appointment:

    Wednesday, August 9: 8:00am - 4:00pm

    Thursday, August 10: 11:00am-7:00pm

    Monday, August 14: 8:00am - 4:00pm

    If you already signed up, you will have received an appointment confirmation via email.

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  • What happens at Book Pick Up?

    Students will:

    • Pick up their schedule which includes locker# and combination

    • Have their school yearbook picture taken and receive a current school ID

    • Pick up their Chromebook (if needed)

    • Pick up their box of textbooks and consumable materials

    • Pick up their Freshman Experience Day t-shirts (Class of 2027 only)

    • Enter the Senior parking lottery by scanning the QR code at North Campus (Class of 2024 only).  

    *North Campus students may not request parking at South Campus.

    • Based on hallway access due to construction, we may be able to give students the opportunity to put their books in their lockers and walk their schedule.  NHS students and student assistants will be available to help.


    How do I schedule an appointment time if I haven’t already signed up?

    Click to schedule an appointment time at South Campus or North Campus.       


    Do all students need to come to Book Pick Up?

    Yes, even if your program of study does not have books to pick up.  At the very least, you will receive a new LT ID card.  Exceptions can be made for medically fragile students that attend classes offsite.


    Where do I go for Book Pick Up?

    Students should go to the campus where they attend the majority of their classes.  Generally, this means freshman, sophomores, 8th grade, outplaced and transition students will go to South Campus and junior and senior students will go to North Campus.  Please park in the main lots and go in through the main entrances.


    Do parents/guardians need to attend Book Pick Up  

    Generally, no, this is something students can do on their own. The only reasons a parent/guardian needs to attend is to pay school fees, drop off medications in the Health Office, or apply for a fee waiver.  


    How do I apply for a fee waiver?

    If you are directly certified, you don’t need to apply for a fee waiver.  Check your fees tab on Infinite Campus to see if the fees have been waived. Families that are directly certified will also receive a communication from LT confirming direct certification.  If you need to apply for a fee waiver, please click here.  The updated fee waiver application will be posted the week of July 10.  All questions about eligibility should be directed to the grade level assistant principal.


    What if I can’t come during the regularly scheduled time?

    There are a couple of options:

    •  A parent/guardian can pick up the books.  The student will not be able to get an ID/yearbook picture taken but can get an ID in the Assistant Principals’ Office beginning on Monday, August 21 and have a yearbook picture during retake day on September 26 or October 17, 2023.

    • The student can come to walk-in late book pick up on Thursday, August 17 from 9:00 to 2:00. No appointments will be taken so there may be a wait.  If fees are already paid, the parent does not need to attend.  Student ID/yearbook pictures will be available.  

    • If neither of the above is an option, book pick up is available on the first day of school, August 21 beginning at 7:00am.


    What if I miss my appointment time?

    The student can come to walk-in late book pick up on Thursday, August 17 from 9:00am to 2:00pm. No appointments will be taken so there may be a wait.  Student ID/Yearbook pictures will be taken.

    Additional questions?  Please contact the grade-level assistant principal:

    Class of 2024 - Ms. Kelly Dostal 

    Class of 2025 - Mr. Adam Davis 

    Class of 2026, Class of 2027, Transition students, 11th/12th LIFE students, 8th Graders - Mr. Bryan Radavich