2023-24 Fee Waiver Application

Fee Waiver Information

  • Lyons Township High School has adopted a school policy to provide for a waiver of fees and free lunch. In order to be eligible for these services:

    • Documentation must be submitted indicating that your household income falls within the Federal Income Guidelines (see chart below).
    • In order to apply for a fee waiver or to participate in the free lunch program, please complete one on-line or hard-copy application per household each school year.
    • If you are applying to have your student’s school fees waived, you will also need to provide proof of income from the previous year’s Federal Tax return (1040).
    • If your employment status has changed since filing, you are able to complete the form- but we may request further documentation to verify your eligibility status. Examples of supporting documentation may include a current pay stub, IDES benefits statement, notice of termination, SSI benefit statement, etc. Failure to provide documentation will delay the verification process.
    • If you received direct-certification for an approved fee waiver, you do not need to fill out this application. Direct-certificaiton letters were mailed to families indicating eligibility in July/August 2023.

Fee Waiver Eligibility Guidelines 2023-24

Apply for consideration

  • *Income is defined as any monies earned before any deductions such as income taxes, social security taxes, insurance premiums, charitable contributions and bonds. It includes the following (1) monetary compensation for services including wages, salary commissions, or fees; (2) net income from non-farm self-employment; (3) net income from farm self- employment; (4) social security; (5) dividends or interest on savings or bonds or income from estates or trusts; (6) net rental income; (7) public assistance or welfare payments; (8) unemployment compensation; (9) government civilian employee or military retirement or pensions or veteran payments; (10) private pensions or annuities; (11) alimony or child support payments; (12) regular contributions from persons not living in the household; (13) net royalties; and (14) other cash income. Other cash income would include cash amounts received or withdrawn from any source including savings, investments, trust accounts, and other resources which would be available to pay the price of a student’s fees or meal.

Included in fee waiver:

    • Textbook rental
    • Student support fee
    • Technology fee
    • Driver's education fee
    • Woods class materials (least expensive project)
    • Paperback books, workbooks (consumables)
    • Safety goggles, if required
    • Gym uniform/heartrate strap – 1 uniform at SC / 1 uniform at NC
    • PE lock rental– one lock for all four years
    • Graphing calculator rental, if required
    • LTHS Parent Teacher Council directory and calendar
    • *Corral Pass
    • Mandatory fieldtrip fees
    • Technology Center of DuPage fees
    • **Graduation cap and gown
    • **Yearbook
    *Freshmen & Sophomores only    **Seniors only

Not included in fee waiver:

    • Admission to school dances or special events
    • General classroom supplies (pens/pencils, notebook paper, folders, binders, etc.)
    • Technology repair / replacement fees
    • Library fines
    • Class or team pictures
    • Optional fieldtrips
    • Parking fees
    • Any damages, repair, or replacement to district owned technology
    • Sport or club optional items
    • Yearbook
    • **Prom, post-prom, and senior breakfast
    • **Senior pictures (No sitting fee charge for yearbook photo)
    **Seniors only 

School Lunch

  • School lunch is provided by Sodexo.

    There is little doubt that having a tasty, healthy lunch will provide you with the necessary boost to proceed with your day of learning. Each full school day, you can select one entrée, one side and one milk.

    Select 1 Entrée Choice:

    Higher Fiber/Low Fat Cheese Pizza Slice Beef-Mushroom Hamburger or Cheeseburger

    Pre-packaged Turkey, Ham or PBJ Sandwich on Bread (Does not include “Simply To Go sandwiches)

    Wholegrain Breaded Chicken Patty Sandwich Prepackaged Entrée Salads (Garden Salad & Fried Chicken Salad)

    *Low Fat Beef Fiesta Nachos, *Beef Hot Dog, *State Fair Corn Dog, BBQ Rib Sandwich.

    (Items with asterisk ( * ) rotate on our monthly menu. Please see menu for availability.)

    Any new item available to Lunch Program participants will be designated on the Countertop Menu Sign at each serving area.

    Select 1 Side Choice:

    Gelatin Cup, Tropical, Peach, Pear or Mixed Fruit Cup, Applesauce Cup, Pre-Packaged Garden Side Salad (does not include Caesar Side Salad), Fresh Whole Apple, Banana or Orange

    Select 1 Milk Choice:

    1% White, Skim Chocolate or Skim White Milk (Arrangements can be made for those students that are lactose intolerant; however, medical documentation must be provided to the Nurses’ Office. Please see the cafeteria manager.)

    All lunch program students must swipe their ID cards. Once the card is read by the system, your account will automatically come up as a Lunch Program participant, so your status will remain anonymous. Students on the program are allowed 1 free lunch per day. Please remember, you must take all your choices (entrée, side & milk) in one transaction.

    At this time, we are not allowing for any substitutions for the items listed above. If you have special dietary needs, please contact the Food Service Supervisor in the cafeteria office or by phone at 708-579-6544 (South) or 708-579-6329 (North).

Instructions for Applying - Complete and Submit one application per household per school district

  • If your household receives SNAP or TANF benefits, follow these instructions:

  • If no one in your household gets SNAP or TANF benefits and if any child in your household is homeless, a migrant or runaway or head start/even start, follow these instructions:

  • If you are applying for a foster child, follow these instructions:

  • All other households including Medicaid and WIC households, follow these instructions:

  • Additional application information