• Lyons Township Boys Track and Field 2024

    • Head Coach- Mr. Danner (Distance)
    • Asst Coach/Head Soph- Mr. Taylor (400m and Hurdles)
    • Asst Coach- Mr. Harris (Sprints and Jumps)
    • Asst Coach- Mr. Rigo (Throws)
    • Asst Coach- Mr. Grider (Sprints and jumps)
    • Asst Coach- Mr. Pontrelli (PV)


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    Boy’s Practice Schedule

    Physical Form


    Track & Field Information:

    • Must have a physical within last year  
    • See the attached schedule, practice will begin Tue Jan 16th.  
    • Practice is from 3:30-5:30PM. Practice will be held every day we have school at South Campus. Saturday practices will be held on Saturday mornings if we don’t have a Friday/Saturday meet. 
    • The activity buses will take you from North to South. 
    • Be on time (before 3:10PM) so you don’t miss the bus.  
    • Practice and meets are mandatory. 
    • You will be removed from the team/suspended with unexcused absences. 
    • It is the athletes responsibility to discuss any absences with his event coach.  
    • Spring break will have optional morning practices. 
    • Directions to meets are also available on the website 
    • Equipment: Shorts, Shirt, Sweats, Running Shoes, Spikes or Throwing Shoes. 
    • Practice sweats can be purchased. 
    • Meet sweats and uniform will be provided. 


    Code of Conduct-  

    • We will treat opponents/officials/teammates/coaches with respect at all times.  
    • We will acquire a desire to win, but not at all costs.  
    • We will enjoy the opportunity to participate in sport no matter the outcome.  
    • We will become students of the sport looking for opportunities to improve ourself.  
    • We will support teammates during the good times and the bad times.  
    • We will maintain self control with our personal behavior on and off the field.  
    • We will focus on long term development, not looking for short cuts to achieve success(cheating, drugs, etc.).  
    • We will have a purpose with our daily training and maintain focus on individual and team goals.  
    • We will give our best effort in meets to help improve team outcomes.  
    • We will maintain our focus on our academic development.  
    • We will complete the assigned training from the coach without deviation.  
    • We will learn to model appropriate practice habits to newcomers to the sport.  
    • We will attend all practices and meets. 
    • Failure to meet the code of conduct may result in any of the following: removal from practice or meets, suspension from the team or removal from the team.

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