Team Practices:

    Each grade level team has its own weekly practice. This year Freshman and Sophomores will practice Tuesdays after school at 3:15pm at South Campus. Juniors and Seniors will practice Tuesday at 7:00pm at North Campus rooms 213 & 215.  Practices last 1 – 1.5 hours. As we move closer to the regional competition, additional practices will be added for the specialized team events, such as 8-person, 2-person and calculator. Good attendance is mandatory. Those Math Team members who also participate in sports are expected to talk to their athletic coaches and use their once-a-week extracurricular pass.



    To qualify for a meet, you must attend practices, complete assigned problems, and take written tests as determined by individual coaches. If you miss a practice, please notify your head coach to obtain practice materials and make sure you know what you missed at that practice.

    There are WSC meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays from September through March.  Buses to away meets leave from SC between 4:00 and 5:00pm and arrive back to SC around 9pm-9:30pm (check with coaches for adjusted departure times depending on weather and location). 

    At the time we return, a parent/guardian should be WAITING to pick you up. Please call for a ride after boarding the bus for the ride home. 

    The first contest (test) at WSC meets is at 6:15pm!


    Some further notes:
    Math Team is a competition team and as such you are expected to sign the Student Activities agreement. Your behavior in school and at meets is expected to be the highest possible reflection of Lyons Township High School, both in terms of discipline and courtesy. Since each meet covers a different topic at each grade level, qualifying as a contestant for one contest does NOT guarantee being a contestant at the next contest. For some contests there are no alternates at all (due to host school size restrictions). Therefore it is to each person’s advantage to be at all practices if at all possible. Coaches make the final decision about contestants at EACH contest, just as athletic coaches do in their areas. The academic teams have an agreement with the Athletic Department that mathletes can practice once per week and come a little late to practice without any penalty. Games for either group take precedence over practices, and Regional or State meets take precedence over everything else. We encourage you to be active within the school community, but we also expect a high level of commitment in time and work for the Math Team members.

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