• West Suburban Math League (WSML):

    Written Event: 10 students per grade, 10 questions (25 min)

    8-person Event: 8 people, 20 questions, (20 min)

    Calculator Event: 5 people, 20 questions, (20 min)

    2-person Event: 2 people, 10 questions, (40 min)

    Relay Event: 4 people, 4 questions, (about 40 min), 3 rounds

    Oral Event: 2 junior/senior, (15 min prep, 15 min presentation)

    NEW!  Lemont Invitational   TBD

    Written for each grade level

    8-person, Calculator, 2 person for Fr/So and Jr/Sr, 2 Relay teams

    Regional Competition and State Meet:

    Events:  Written, Oral, 2-person, 8-person, Relay (state Only), Calculator

    Alternates:  none


  • Written:

    Up to 10 individuals take the written exam for his/her grade level. 10 questions for first three meets, 20 questions for 4th meet. Calculators are allowed. This event runs at all grade levels. No alternates.


    An individual (usually a junior or senior) is given a topic to study.  The judges present the oralist with three questions at the contest, and s/he has a set amount of time to prepare and present his/her answers (and receive extemporaneous questions at some meets).


    Contests are either frosh-soph or junior-senior. Ten questions, one at a time, are presented via an overhead projector. Points are awarded (if correct) for the first correct team.


    Contests are either frosh-soph or junior-senior.  Non-calculator with twenty questions.  Working together (talking allowed), the team has twenty minutes.


    A team of five people (one from each grade level and 5th person from any grade) uses as many calculators as possible to solve problems with large numbers.  The test has twenty questions, and 20 minutes.