Freshmen Physical Education

  • Any missing tests must be made up prior to the school day at 7:15 AM. Please contact Coach Bergman if you have any questions or concerns. Any missing assignment or test must be made up prior to the final exams. 

    Welcome To Freshmen Physical Education!   

    A reminder that when a student is absent from PE, they must see the teacher for make-up work right away.  In addition, after the student has accumulated 7 absences,  all absences must be made up with a physical work-out that is assigned to the student.  Students must see the teacher to determine what work is to be made up.

    It is imperative that students are on time to class as multiple tardies will affect the grade and will prevent students from exempting final exams in other classes.

    Students must dress for class daily.  We have a rental system in case the student forgets their uniform.  After 6 "No Dresses" in class a student will be dropped from PE with a failing grade.

    All missed tests will result in a zero on infinite campus until made up. Make ups are to be completed in the morning prior to school.

    Please contact Mr. Bergman with questions throughout the school year. Mr. Bergman can best be reached through email. You can also contact him directly by stopping in the physical education office room 103 at South Campus.

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