General Information

    • Two credits in science are required for graduation. However, courses in biology, chemistry, and physics should be included in every student’s four year academic plan to provide a balanced preparation for future vocational and/or educational goals. 
    • Most colleges require at least two credits of a laboratory science for admission and some (especially Illinois universities) require three. Many colleges and universities suggest a three or four year sequence for students entering engineering, medicine and the health services, home economics, and computer sciences.
    • Most colleges recommend both natural and physical science experience.
    Science Placement into Academic Ability Levels
    The Division Chair recommends placement for incoming freshmen based upon an integrated analysis of the following performance indicators:
    1. information from the eighth grade teachers;
    2. standardized test scores on the EXPLORE test

AP Classes

  • The Science Department offers preparation for AP examinations in three areas:
    • Biology AP
      Biology AP is the suggested course to prepare for the AP examination in biology or related examinations given by various colleges and universities. As the course description indicates, it is equivalent to two semesters of college biology. 
    • Chemistry AP
      The Chemistry AP course is the equivalent of two semesters of college chemistry. Chemistry AP uses the College Board syllabus to prepare students for the AP examination in chemistry. 
    • Physics AP
      Physics (C) AP is a college level physics course for those students whose post-high school plans call for a major in engineering science, the physical sciences, astronomy, medicine, or any related technical field. Physics (C) AP is a calculus-based university physics course and covers all of the material traditionally offered in the introductory course of colleges of engineering science and other related fields. As a result, of the Physics (C) AP course students will be prepared for both Physics (C) AP examinations: Electricity and Magnetism, and Mechanics.

    For more information on AP Exams, visit the Testing Office webpage.