Department Description

  • A continuum of support services are available for students with disabilities. Programs range from support services provided in the general education classroom to special education content area classrooms for instructional or functional academic needs.

    Each Special Education Services teacher serves as a case manager to a group of students with disabilities. The case manager serves as a team member with the student’s counselor, social worker, and general education teachers in supporting the student with special needs. The department program coordinators, special education social worker, and school psychologists serve as coordinators of IEP meetings.

    The department’s services are coordinated by the Director and supported by psychologists, social workers, speech language pathologists, special education teachers, itinerants, and para educators.

Program Descriptions

  • The Special Education Department offers different programs, with each program offering individualized services to best meet the diverse needs of our students. Here is a brief description of each program:

    General education program with consult time services to staff. Case Managers monitor quarterly progress.

    General education program with speech/language service. Some students with more complex involvement may require additional support: such as class observations and consultative services.

    Cross Categorical
    Special education instructional classes.

    Resource - Curriculum Skills Resource Class (CSR)
    Class available to support students with IEPs in working toward achieving success in general education classes. The course assists students in acquiring and applying learning strategies, while enhancing study skills.

    Personal and Social Development Program (PSD)
    Special education resource and instructional classes to support students with emotional and behavioral disabilities.

    Special education instructional classes for students identified with moderate to severe challenges.

    Inclusion Facilitator
    Special Education teacher who coordinates services for students who are moderately to severely disabled and who are enrolled in general education courses. These students typically require direct support within the general education environment and close monitoring.

    Pre-Vocational Education/Transition Coordinator

    Workplace readiness, workplace training and other post-secondary options explored. Direct support is provided on an as-needed basis.

    PLUS Program
    A Therapeutic Day School

    Transition Program

    The program is for students 18-22 years old. The curricular focus is on practical life skills including life long workplace training, community participation, transportation, home living skills and self-care. The program is housed at the Corral and “The Transition House” on Cossitt Avenue.