• The PSAT 8/9 provides baseline data for students, parents/guardians, and teachers. It helps identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth at the grade, program, course, and student level. This information informs instruction and allows school staff to better meet the needs of all students. This digital assessment contains four modules - two reading and writing and two mathematics. Calculators are allowed on both mathematics modules.

  • 2023-2024 PSAT 8/9 Test Dates and Registration Deadlines:

    All students in grade 9 will be assessed on April 15, 2024 starting at 7:45 am. The test is approximately 2.5 hours long.

    Students with an IEP or 504 plan and students in the English Language Learner program may be eligible for testing accommodations. Please contact your case manager or read here for more information.

    Students’ score reports will be accessible online. Students must create an online account at in order to view their scores.

    For additional information regarding PSAT 8/9, please visit the College Board website.