LTHS Speak-Up Line

  • Lyons Township High School places a high priority on the relationships that are built with students and community members, and we value the information provided in order to keep our school safe. To that end, LT encourages students and parents to report information that can improve safety for our school community.  

    The R.O.A.R. campaign encourages students to “Reach Out And Report” inappropriate behavior to their teachers, counselor, social worker or any adult at LT. R.O.A.R. works in conjunction with the Speak-Up Line, where students can report any trouble they see or know by calling, texting, or emailing. Whether the problem is bullying on the bus, substance abuse/drug possession, or general threats to school safety, the Speak Up Line and R.O.A.R. are conduits for reporting problems or concerns.

    Students can be the best source of information regarding unsafe behavior, and the district encourages students to report signs of trouble and has made it easy by offering the option of reporting anonymously. The Speak-Up Line at LTHS is monitored on a regular basis by LT administration. We affirm and defend our policy of anonymity for those who use this service in good faith. However, when intentionally malicious or fictitious claims are submitted, or there exists a threat of imminent harm, LTHS reserves the right to take measures to determine the identity of those involved.

    If a situation is reported, the administration will investigate the claim and assess its validity. When a tip is confirmed as sincere or accurate, the situation will be handled accordingly by contacting the student and his or her parents, or other resources as needed. The hotline and R.O.A.R. campaign are focused on LT students, yet the programs are also open to parents or community members who see or become aware of any unsafe behavior taking place at LT.

    If your Speak-Up Line report is an immediate emergency, please call 911. Information submitted to the Speak-Up Line will be reviewed during official school attendance days and hours. Evening, Weekend and Holiday submissions will not be accessed until the next attendance day.

Report Anonymously