Vision Statement

  • We all know that parents and the community play an important role in our children's education and that parents and community members can provide vital information about what students need to succeed. In order to provide a communication link to bring these vital resources together with the school, the LT Community Advisory Council is being formed.

    This group will include parents and community members from all segments of the diverse LT attendance area and will meet regularly to learn about and discuss important concerns of the school. It will provide a way for all of us--the Board of Education, the administration, teachers, parents and the community--to better appreciate and understand the role that each plays in the education of our students. And it will send a clear message that parent participation is welcome at LTHS.

    In addition, the group will provide a way for parents to expand their knowledge beyond the experiences of their own children, to learn about the concerns of other families that may be different from their own, and to work together to make LTHS a school that works for all our children.