What is Transition Academy?

  • Transition Academy is a two week summer program that focuses on helping incoming freshman successfully transition from middle school to high school.

Why is Transition Academy important?

  • Students‘ experiences in their first year of high school often determine their success throughout high school and beyond. The transition from middle to high school is a critical point in a student’s academic career. Research indicates that this time is often characterized by increased disengagement and a decline in grades, motivation and attendance. Many students enter ninth grade lacking the preparation needed to successfully navigate the new academic and social demands of high school. Unsuccessful transition to high school is associated with higher dropout rates, delayed graduation rates and low achievement.

Program Goals:

  • Provide students the opportunity to view the transition into high school positively and confidently by:
    • Understanding the co-curricular opportunities that are available to them
    • Connecting with upper classmen - Peer Mentors
    • Trusting the new school will be a positive, safe and secure environment
    • Increase parent communication/involvement