Families New to Lyons Township High School District 204

  • Welcome to Lyons Township High School. As a family new to our district, please follow these instructions to register your student(s):


  • The Lyons Township High School District 204 boundaries map is available here.  Please confirm your new place of residency is within our district boundaries before getting started.

    During Online Registration (OLR), you will be asked to upload the following documents proving your district residency. Please have these documents ready to upload prior to starting OLR.

    2020-21 Residency Verification Form (click here)

    You must thoroughly read, complete, and sign the 2020-21 Residency Verification form. Page two of this form identifies documentation that is needed to prove residency. You will be required to upload this completed and signed form.

    Government-Issued Photo Identification (Category A)

    Copy the front and back of your government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, or confirmation from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of your address change. Category A must be one file, but can be multiple pages.

    Housing Documentation (Category B)

    Copy the following document(s) clearly showing your name and in-district address. Category B must be one file, but can be multiple pages.

    • Current lease (MUST be signed by both lessor and lessee and show rental during the 2020-21 academic year) with cancelled security deposit check and recent rent check (or receipts for these payments). All 3 documents (lease, security deposit, rent) are required. – OR –
    • Most recent real estate tax bill. – OR –
    • Mortgage statement (less than thirty days old). – OR –
    • Bill of sale or closing statement (if house purchased within the past two months). – OR –
    • Military housing letter.

    Supporting Residency Documentation (Category C)

    Copy any TWO of the following documents clearly showing your name and in-district address. Each must be dated within the past thirty days unless otherwise indicated. Category C must be one file, but can be multiple pages.

    • Homeowner’s / Renter’s insurance. – OR –
    • Auto registration (may be older than thirty days). – OR –
    • Bank statement. – OR –
    • Paycheck stub. – OR –
    • Utility bill. – OR –
    • Cable bill. – OR –
    • Home landline telephone bill (cable bill is NOT accepted). – OR –
    • Letter from a federal or state agency.

Birth Certificate

  • Within the OLR application, you will be asked to upload a copy of the student’s original, government-issued birth certificate. Do not submit the OLR without first uploading the birth certificate. 

Health Requirements

  • If your student is transferring from out of state, click here for additional health requirements.

    Within the OLR application, you will be able to upload a copy of the student’s State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination form. You may submit the OLR without uploading the health form if you cannot arrange for the student’s physical examination prior OLR submission. After OLR submission, you may email the health form to HealthServices@lths.net.

    2020-21 Seniors, including Transition Program and 5th-year seniors: You are required to provide documentation of compliance with the Illinois meningococcal conjugate (meningitis) vaccine requirement (view requirements). Failure to comply with this requirement may prevent your student from starting on the first day of school. You may upload compliance documentation during OLR, or you may email it by August 10 to HealthServices@lths.net.

Academic Records

  • Within the OLR application, you will be asked to upload a copy of your student’s academic records. Do not submit the OLR without first uploading the following documents. Academic records must be one file, but can be multiple pages.

    Incoming freshmen: Submit the student’s eighth grade report card and/or most recent standardized test scores.

    Non-freshmen: Submit the following documentation:

    • Transcript – Submit an unofficial copy of the student’s transcript. Our registrar will request an official transcript from the prior school.
    • Leaving in Good Standing Form – You must notify your student’s prior school that the student will not be returning. Request a signed copy of a “Leaving in Good Standing” form from the prior school. If the student attended an Illinois high school, this is ISBE Student Transfer form 33-78.

IEP/504 Paperwork (if applicable)

  • Within the OLR application, you will have the option to upload the student’s most recent, signed IEP or 504 Plan documentation. This documentation will be reviewed by staff specialists prior to academic course selection for the 2020-21 school year.

Online Registration (OLR)

  • Use the link below to complete the online registration. Have all of the documents described above ready for upload prior to starting OLR. When you are finished with OLR and have submitted your application, you will receive email confirmation of your posted application.


    Please note that if you are registering more than one student, you will still complete only one OLR. You will have the opportunity to add information about each student within the application.

    If you need general OLR assistance, please contact Belinda Salutric at BSalutric@lths.net or call (708) 588-7433 Monday-Friday (8 a.m.-noon or 6 p.m.-8 p.m.).

    If you need language assistance to complete OLR, please call (708) 579-6300.


    A transfer family specialist will review your registration application and submitted documentation and contact you if items are missing or not acceptable.

    Once the entire registration application has been approved, you will be notified of the process for selecting your student’s courses for the 2020-21 academic year.

    Please contact the main office if you have any questions about the transfer process:

    • Freshmen and Sophomores: (708) 579-6500
    • Juniors and Seniors: (708) 579-6300


    NOTE: Lyons Township High School reserves the right to conduct a physical residency check at any time from the start of registration through the end of the 2020-21 academic year.