Transfer student enrollment

  • You and your student must reside within the Lyons Township High School (LTHS) district before starting the transfer process. LTHS will conduct a residency check.

    To start the enrollment process for your transfer student, please call 708-579-6502 for freshmen and sophomores, or 708-579-6308 for juniors and seniors. The transfer student specialist will ask you a few questions, then send you an email to start the enrollment process. The email will contain links to the Online Registration (OLR) program, a Residency Verification form, and the State of Illinois Health Exam form.

Online Registration (OLR)

  • When you have completed the OLR and have submitted your application, you will receive email confirmation that your application has been approved for completeness. If you do not have access to a computer, you may use a computer set up at the appropriate LTHS campus to complete the OLR.

Residency Verification

  • You must print, read, complete, and sign the Residency Verification Form provided in the email. Page two of this form identifies documentation needed to prove residency and identify custodial rights. You must bring in the required residency and custodial (if applicable) documents to the main office of the appropriate campus (Freshmen/Sophomores - South; Juniors/Seniors - North).

Birth Certificate

  • You must provide the student’s original birth certificate. A copy will be made and the original returned to you.

Health Requirements


  • Freshmen: You may bring in copies of the student’s junior high school report cards and standardized test scores. If withdrawal from the education system is required by the former school district, please do so and provide documentation.

    Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors: You must notify the student’s previous school that your child will not be returning. Request a leaving school packet that should include copies of transcripts, test scores, physicals, and an ISBE form (if the student is coming from an Illinois school). Our registrar will request official paperwork from the previous school.

IEP/504 Paperwork (if applicable)

  • If your student has an IEP or 504 Plan you must bring a copy of the paperwork. This documentation will be given to our Student Services office.

Please note

  • Please complete the Online Registration and gather all required documentation before calling to make an appointment to drop off your paperwork.

    Please note that even if you have completed the Online Registration, your student is NOT enrolled at LTHS until all documents have been submitted and approved, and a residency check has been completed.