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Violent Critical Incident (VCI)

Violent Critical Incident (VCI)

  • Provide professional learning, student training/information, and information to families community on VCI/ALICE Protocol on annual basis

    • Each year, our staff and students participate in training sessions and drills to prepare for worst-case scenarios in our schools. Staff members/students participate in an annual violent critical incident drill to practice their response to such an event. Working with the police and other emergency response professionals, District 204 trains its staff members to utilize A.L.I.C.E. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) emergency response techniques. 

      • The drills may include activation of the rapid emergency response system, BluePoint. Inside both buildings, blue police alarm pull-stations, similar to red fire alarm pull-stations, are strategically placed throughout the schools. When the alarm is activated, police first responders are immediately notified, the PA system broadcasts emergency information, and strobe lights are activated both inside and outside the building. 

      • We will always inform everyone in advance of a VCI drill or BluePoint test activation.  Additionally, when BluePoint is activated as part of a drill, students/staff members who have registered cell phones will receive text/email notifications.  In the case of an actual emergency, we will share information with families through email communication and social media posts. 

      • In conjunction with the annual VCI Drill, LTHS hosts a first responder articulation meeting in which first responders from the 11 communities we serve gather together to review LTHS crisis plans and assist with the VCI drill.  Collaboration with Western Springs & LaGrange Police Departments is ongoing throughout the course of the year  

      • In addition to completing an annual VCI Drill, students walk to campus reunification sites. 

      • When on-campus drills are conducted, the social/emotional well-being of students is considered.  Social Workers and School Counselors are available to process through the experience with students.   

      • VCI drills are in addition to the standard safety drills, including fire, severe weather and bus evacuation.