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District 204's Willow Springs Property

The Lyons Township High School District 204 shares information below regarding a potential sale of the District’s Willow Springs property, located near 79th Street and Willow Springs Road. If the Board decides to sell the property, the District would likely use the sale proceeds to make key investments and upgrades to its facilities, as outlined in the District’s Strategic Plan.


January 18, 2024 

The Board of Education provided an update to the community regarding the property. Please view the communication.

August 8, 2023

Last night, at our Committee of the Whole meeting, the Lyons Township High School District 204 Board of Education discussed the six-month moratorium established by the Village of Willow Springs, which states that they will not consider proposals for any development within the North Willow Springs Road Corridor Planned Development as they study and evaluate current zoning, as well as consider potential additional regulations and restrictions, for this site. 

Specifically, the Board discussed the possible implications of the ordinance and potential next steps regarding the 72-acres of undeveloped District-owned land within the Planned Development site. The full meeting is available on YouTube.

Following this discussion, the Board authorized the Superintendent to gather information on the services provided by and make a recommendation regarding the potential engagement of a land use consultant to examine the current zoning and help the District better understand all available options for this property. Board President Dawn Aubert will also participate in this fact-finding effort. Findings from this process will be shared with the full Board for discussion and potential action at its Monday, August 21, 2023 Regular Action meeting. 

The District 204 Board and Administration are committed to establishing a more transparent and intentional approach to our communications and decision-making on this matter. We are grateful to the community members, trustees, Board members and senior administrators from the Village of Willow Springs, Pleasantdale Park District and Pleasantdale School District 107 who attended and to all those who shared feedback at last night’s meeting. 

The potential sale of this property would allow for the District to make key investments and upgrades to both our school facilities and educational programs through both the initial purchase and ongoing tax revenues to both District 204 and other municipal bodies in our community. It is our intent to work collaboratively with the Village and our other municipal partners as we consider the future use of this property based on the shared needs and priorities of both our schools, students and community. 

Please continue to visit our website and review the Board Briefs newsletter sent after each meeting to stay informed about this process. The Board also welcomes written comments at BOE@LTHS.NET.

As always, thank you for your support of Lyons Township District 204 schools and students. 

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