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Social Media

The LT Social Media Directory is a database of registered and approved club/activity social media sites.
With more than 75 clubs and activities available at LT, students are sure to find one that matches their interests and hobbies.

Only the accounts listed via the link below are official district sources, managed by sponsors, coaches or designees.

Comments, links, photos and videos are welcome on LT social media platforms. All postings should be relevant to the LT community, are reviewed and are public.

Posts can be removed for any of the following reasons, at any time, if they: use obscene, threatening or harassing language; disclose information that is confidential by law or regulation; promote or advocate illegal activity; violate copyrights or trademarks; are commercial advertising, unsolicited self-promotion, SPAM, or solicitations; or endorse or oppose anyone campaigning for election to a political office. All users, including page administrators, are subject to the terms of service of each social media site. Comments posted here do not represent the opinions of LTHS.