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Visitor Protocols


Lyons Township High School encourages parents/guardians and members of the community to visit, while at the same time, the high school has a legitimate interest in minimizing disruptions to the educational process, protecting the safety and welfare of the students and staff, and protecting the district’s facilities and equipment from misuse or vandalism. The following guidelines are required for visitors:

General Requirements for Visitors:

  • A visitor is defined as any person seeking to enter a school building who is not a current employee of the school district or a student currently enrolled in that building.

  • All visitors should park in the marked Visitor Parking spots at North Campus and South Campus.

  • Visitors must schedule an appointment with the person(s) they wish to see in advance. At the discretion of the administration, such prior authorization may be waived. Visitors wishing to conference with teachers or administrators during the course of the school day must make arrangements in advance. Visitors are required to proceed immediately to their location in a quiet manner.

  • All visitors must enter through the main entrance and present a valid, government-issued photo ID. Visitors will be required to leave their ID at the desk and will receive a red visitor lanyard and an ID sticker/badge that must be visibly displayed and worn at all times. At the conclusion of the visit, the visitor must stop by the front desk to retrieve their ID and return the visitor lanyard. 

  • Students attending LTHS may not bring guests to school during the school day.

  • LT students who attend off-campus sites must get prior approval from their grade level assistant principal before they come to campus. The assistant principal will notify the front desk of the student’s name, date and time of visit, and where in the building the student will be. Students not following this procedure are subject to trespassing sanctions.

  • LTHS reserves the right to deny any individual the right to visit.

  • Visits to the building may be prohibited at certain times, such as during safety drills or while standardized assessments are being conducted.

  • All school visitors must comply at all times with Board of Education policies, administrative rules and school regulations.

  • Convicted child sex offenders are not permitted on the campus unless certain conditions exist and they have received prior approval from school officials.

Exceptions to Visitor Requirements.

Parents/guardians or LTHS community members who have been invited to visit LTHS as part of a scheduled open house, special event, scheduled performance by a class, team or group, or other adult participants in organized and school-approved activities during off-school hours, are exempt from all but Convicted Child Sex Offender requirements.

Classrooms and other instructional areas are the most vulnerable to disruption.

Therefore, access to classrooms or other instructional areas of the school may be restricted upon the recommendation of the teacher or as otherwise deemed necessary by the administration.

The administration has the authority to exclude from the school premises any person who disrupts or who appears likely to become a disruption to the educational program. Any such individual shall be directed to leave the school premises immediately and law enforcement authorities shall be called if necessary.