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The mathematics curriculum has been developed to help students value mathematics, become confident in their abilities to do mathematics, become mathematical problem solvers, and to communicate and reason mathematically. Students, as a result of the high school mathematics experiences, should be able to model problems with the appropriate operations and equations, apply a variety of approaches and techniques to solve problems, understand the underlying mathematical features of problems, see the applicability of mathematical ideas to common and complex problems, use logical reasoning to present a cogent argument, and employ technology to explore mathematical ideas and solve problems.

The LTHS Mathematics Department has developed principles and standards for student learning which guide its academic programs and courses and challenge students. There are four principles and five general standards. In addition, each general standard contains specific mathematical standards that are available upon request. Finally, specific academic course standards have also been developed, and these are distributed to students at the beginning of each semester or annual course.

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Jeannine M. Prucha, Ed.D.
Division Chair
Britt Ligmanowski
Assistant Division Chair
Annette Orrico
Assistant Division Chair

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Math Drop-In Center is open during 4A, 4B, 5A, & 5B periods.

Room Locations:
North Campus: 203
South Campus: C228